5 Fresh Disney Memes Even Diehard Fans Haven't Seen Yet

The bare necessities of our childhoods were cheap candy, parents who didn't care about strict bedtimes, and a boatload of Disney films. Yes, it was an easier time, to say the least.
Even after aging has corrupted our souls, we can still seek warmth in the variety of stellar animated films from our youth. This is because the storytelling was just so on point. Even though we now know that the stories we loved were actually far darker and more disturbing than we originally thought, we can still look at them as if we were 8 years old again.
Given the state of this incredibly depressing world, it's probably even more important to dwell in the light of the Disney collection once more. So without further ado, here are 15 fresh Disney memes you didn't know you needed in your life.

Disney Does Grumpy Cat
I know that you all hold the Disney collection very dear to your heart, but would you please concede they would all be better if the leading characters were replaced with Grumpy Cat? This depressed feline is sort of like the Larry David of the meme universe. He just doesn't want to do anything, like anything, or even crack a smile. Seeing Grumpy Cat take an "Okay Carpet Ride" would be amazing. Or if Grumpy Cat belted out "Can't You Feel The Hate Tonight." Man, that would be amazing. I love to see the prince have to kiss a dead Grumpy Cat ala Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. That would have been a wonderfully unpleasant moment for everybody.
Half of the appeal behind Disney films is the wonder and the excitement, both traits that Grumpy Cat loathes and would do his best to eradicate. Please, Internet, make my dreams come true and make The Little Grumpy Cat happen!
Disney Does Incest
When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, many fans were worried that the notoriously greedy and child-friendly company would dumb down the content in order to appeal to a larger fan base. Whether you like the new Star Wars movies or not, I'm pretty sure most fans would agree that this is not what they've done with the series. However, it's true that the new Star Wars films are lacking the same edginess in one particular department...
Before Game of Thrones, it was Star Wars that rocked the incest storyline. Luke was most definitely into Leia before it was revealed that the two were brother and sister. This means that the company that owns Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and The Beast also own a story about a brother and sister making out. (Mind you, the stories previously mentioned are about the eradication of Native Americans and two cases of beastiality.)

Disney Does Jealousy
When you think back on the original Toy Story movie, what do you think about? Is it the amazing animation? The cute adventure that the toys go on? Or is it the fact that the story is all about jealousy? Any way you slice it, Woody was basically the jealous significant other of the movie.
Buzz Lightyear was this hot, new model coming into Andy's life that Woody felt threatened by. Woody was older — he couldn't do all of the things that Buzz could do. He wasn't as fit and flashy as the Space Ranger. So, what did Woody do? Well, he tried to ostracize Buzz so Andy and the other toys wouldn't want to be around him. When you think about the story this slightly ill-thought-out way, it's also important to suggest that Toy Story was the first Disney film to feature a homosexual love-triangle. Pretty forward thinking, huh?
Disney Does Ugly Selfies
There's nothing more disheartening than when you see a photo of yourself taken with the front-facing camera. After all the work one does in the gym, the healthy eating, the regular sleep schedules, even the make-up for those inclined, seeing the truth in the front-facing camera is catastrophically depressing. This is because no one has ever looked good from that angle. Ever. It's not only the angle that's gross as hell, it's also the image itself. it's grainy, dark, and not as wide. Why is there such an inconsistency between the quality of the camera in the front and the one in the back? Shouldn't they be the same? It's nice to see that Disney was all over this issue all the way back in 1989. It just goes to show that they cared about what really mattered over realistic love-stories or creating Disney Princesses that didn't make girls feel terrible about themselves.

Disney Does Realistic Dogs
I'm a dog person through and through. In fact, cats drive me nuts. I get that they're beautiful and elegant but they are also kind of a—holes. But dogs, I love. However, that doesn't mean that I can't acknowledge that dogs are absolutely gross. Yeah, they're gross. If a human licked their own tuchus, drank toilet water, never brushed their teeth, or sniffed other people's butts on the street, that person would be an outcast of society. They would be sequestered, admitted to a hospital, or even executed on the spot. We let this kind of behavior go with dogs because apparently, they don't know any better. That and they're incredibly cute. Except for chihuahuas... those things are freaky. Anyways, Disney totally romanticizes canines to the point that we forget that Tramp probably ate a dead rat before that famous spaghetti scene.
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