5 Hilarious Pizza Box Drawings That Delivered Way More Than People Expected

We've always just ignored the "additional instructions" and "special requests" boxes when we order pizza online, but apparently, countless bored and imaginative individuals around the world ask their local pizza places to draw funny pictures or jokes onto their boxes so they can get some entertainment with their food. Some eateries just ignore these requests or doodle a lazy sketch a minute before sending their pizzas out for delivery, but a special few go above and beyond to make their customers happy. They might actually spend as much time drawing as they do making the pizza! These pizza box drawings certainly delivered more than people were expecting, and we are definitely going to start making similar requests to see if our favorite pizza joints are this artistic and sassy!

Live long or eat bacon?
The guy who ordered this pizza (with extra bacon) asked for a drawing of Star Trek fan-favorite Spock on his pizza box. It was a nerdy request, sure, but it was pretty innocent and we're sure he never expected this! The pizza place he ordered from didn't just deliver on the insane amount of bacon or the drawing... they delivered some serious sass as well. Spock is holding up his classic "live long and prosper" sign from the series, but he's also letting the poor customer know that he shouldn't expect to live long if he keeps asking for so much greasy, fattening bacon on his already greasy, fattening pizza! Starfleet's most logical captain technically has a point here, but this pizza place probably shouldn't insult their customers like this!
Honest Abe
When this pizza lover asked his local Italian restaurant to draw a picture of the 16th President of the United States on his box, the eatery did their best to complete his request. They drew an adorable cartoon of Abe Lincoln asking if he can "four score a slice," and while it's not the most artistic rendering of Honest Abe, we definitely think they deserve points for trying. Unfortunately, the customer didn't approve of the drawing, so the next time he ordered from that pizza joint, he asked them to do a better job. Their next sketch of Lincoln was definitely more lifelike, but he looks sad as he honestly states, "geez man, I'm trying my best." Aw, your best is good enough for us, Abe!

Domino's is SAVAGE!
Instead of requesting a mere sketch, some particularly bored customers ask their pizza places to draw a joke or funny cartoon on the inside of their boxes so they can have a few laughs with their dinner. The responses they receive are typically downright cheesy (pun intended), but Domino's decided not to make a lame pizza joke here and instead opted to brutally make fun of their competition—Pizza Hut! "If you wanted a joke in the box, you should'a ordered from Pizza Hut." Wow, now we want to show this picture to Pizza Hut and ask them to draw a joke in response to see which restaurant is more savage! We've always been torn between the two, so this might be the best way to decide which should get our business!
Technically accurate Iron Man

When a mom asked her local Pizza Hut to draw a picture of Iron Man on the order she placed for her son's superhero-themed birthday party, she was undoubtedly expecting to open the box and find an image of the armored Avenger. Instead of drawing Tony Stark, however, Pizza Hut hilariously gave her exactly what she asked for and drew a picture of a heroic iron/man hybrid! The crime-fighting cartoon iron is actually incredibly adorable, so even if her son was a little disappointed to uncover this sketch, we hope the mom got a laugh out of this and didn't get upset with the restaurant for trying to have some fun. Next time, she'll probably make her request a bit clearer so Pizza Hut won't be able to pull any similar shenanigans!

"You need help, dude"
When people ask for drawings of regular things like cartoon cats or cute, rated-PG jokes on their pizza boxes, most restaurants are typically more than happy to give their customers exactly what they requested. When people ask for inappropriate, NSFW pictures, however, pizza places have a harder time completing those requests. Here, an unusual customer jokingly (at least, we hope it was jokingly) asked for a nude oil painting of his mother to be drawn onto the box... and we aren't at all surprised that the restaurant refused to comply. Instead, they wrote "you need help, dude" in giant capitalized letters. This may not have been what the customer wanted, but it is without a doubt exactly what he deserved for having such a twisted sense of humor.
5 Hilarious Pizza Box Drawings That Delivered Way More Than People Expected 5 Hilarious Pizza Box Drawings That Delivered Way More Than People Expected Reviewed by 1 on April 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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