5 Most Attractive Women In Movies Right Now

There is so much about Mila Kunis besides her obvious attractiveness that got her on this list. Well, she married the first guy she kissed, and everyone just loves Ashton Kutcher. Here’s a fun fact about Mila:
she was born in the USSR! Another fun fact: Mila is the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy! So despite voicing the socially awkward and unattractive Meg Griffin, Mila is actually fun to watch on screen and very entertaining. We loved her in Friends with Benefits when she starred alongside Justin Timberlake and we love her even more in Bad Moms. In case you missed it, Mila along with Kristen Bell starred in Bad Moms Christmas. It came out in November, so you may have to wait to get it on Blu-Ray or purchase it from a streaming service.

Rachel McAdams will always be best known for starring alongside Ryan Goslin in the timeless film The Notebook. She was a sweetheart, but then women everywhere hated her, because of her character Paige Collins in The Vow who divorced Channing Tatum’s character. Since then she had supporting roles in Southpaw and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange movie. This year, she starred in a British film called Disobedience and next year, you can watch the movie Game Night. It is a Hollywood movie by Warner Brothers Studios, and it is intended to be a thriller and comedy. So in case you were wondering, Rachel’s well hasn’t exactly run dry yet. Since Spotlight in 2015, she hasn’t exactly had a leading role in a movie.
So, if you didn’t know that Emilia Clarke could be anything but serious, in the film Me Before You, she shows us a completely different side of her. In this film, she is hired for a job primarily because of her looks and her jubilant personality. Emilia is witty and she does not have to hide her British accent because the show is set in England. Emilia is making sure she secures a future for herself by spreading her eggs in more than one basket. Game of Thrones will end soon, and she will have to find other ways to continue her trade. It is surprising that she finds time to film when she has to play Daenerys Targaryen. If you don’t want to wait for the final season of Game of Thrones to see her on screen again, you can catch some of her upcoming films.
Gwyneth Paltrow is famous in Hollywood. She has acted in so many movies that we probably will never remember all of them. She has both an Academy Award and Golden Globe Awards. She has not only been acting in movies, but she appeared in several episodes of the teenage musical television show Glee. She even sang on the show. She is another of Marvel’s actresses and she plays the role of Pepper Potts, the girlfriend of Tony Stark. In 2015, she stepped out of her Marvel role to act alongside Johnny Depp in the unsuccessful British film Mortdecai. She should not have taken up the role alongside Johnny Depp because it didn’t do much for her acting career and it just made us realize that we can barely tolerate him out of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Long before Keira Knightley became the love interest and then wife of Orlando Bloom’s character Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, she acted in the film New Year’s Eve. After appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean, she played the role of another Elizabeth, and this time she acted in a film that portrayed one of Jane Austen’s best work: Pride and Prejudice. In fact, it seems as though she likes to act in literary films because she starred in Duchess and Atonement. Keira has a beauty that is unparalleled and one that is revered in Hollywood. It was a shock for all fans watching Pirates of the Caribbean this year to see both her and Orlando Bloom reprise their roles, especially since they were not in some of the films before.
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