5 People Who Are The Reason We Have To Put Warning Labels On Everything

Got our coffee from the local café the other morning, and as we set it in the cup holder of our car, we noticed it had something written on it. It said, "CAUTION: Coffee is hot!", as if we're a humongous dope who doesn't already know that. Like, yeah, Mr. Styrofoam Cup, of course the coffee is hot. That's the whole point.

Anyway, ever since we saw that warning label, we've noticed that they're everywhere—we're talking on stupid stuff, like cans of whipped cream, coat hangers and all sorts of other things that seem pretty self-explanatory to us. 'Course, we're not stupid as crap, so we guess it's people like the 15 you'll see below who are the reason we have to put warning labels on everything.

Kids and fails go hand in hand
No shade on youths, but they can be wicked dumb—and we can say that because we were youths once. We can't even begin to try to excuse some of the stupid things we did. Did we stick tweezers in the power outlets? Oh, yeah. Did we lick frozen metal poles, just like that kid, Flick, in A Christmas Story? You bet your bottom dollar.
Kids are a big part of why we have to put warning labels on everything, 'cause they're always doing dumb things—like throwing their sibling's fragile, expensive cellphone onto the hard tile floor because they think that's how Pokémon GO works—but, to be fair, they're just learning. You have to be dumb when you're little if you want to be smart when you're older.
Look out below!
See? This is why you should never store your bag of explosives next to your charcoal briquettes. Get 'em mixed up just once, and you'll be turning your patio barbecue into a bomb that destroys your balcony, and, just as embarrassingly, you'll be turning your bombs into fiery hot pits, perfect for grilling steaks and lean cuts of chicken.
Oh, boy. We sure hope nobody was standing under this deck when that barbecue pit decide it was time to burn a hole through the floor and GTFO. The shrimp and shish kebabs are pretty much ruined by now, we imagine, unless you like eating dirt and St. Augustine grass, but at least these backyard barbecuers will be able to use their potted herbs to make a nice salad.

That's $8 right down the toilet—literally
If you don't want to do something you've been assigned to do, then you shouldn't be good at it when you go to do it, that way, in the future, people won't trust you to do that thing. Makes sense, right? Why go out of your way to excel at something you didn't want to do in the first place? That's just asking to be forced to do it again!
That said, we're having a hard time telling if using a bath bomb to clean the toilet bowl was this dad's tactic to avoid being asked to do it again, or if he's just really that much of a ninny. Either way, probably wouldn't hurt to put a warning label on bath bombs now, just in case.
Hairdo? More like hair don't
Some people insist on learning their lessons the hard way. It's sad, but it's true. Take this girl for instance. She figured she could just wing her way through bantu knots without Googling it first. She thought to herself, "Hey, what could possibly go wrong? I'll just twist my hair up, tie it with some ponytails, take it out in the morning, it'll be fine! No big deal!" Oh, but we just know she's kicking herself now that she's got a big bald spot on her head.
Fair warning to anybody who doesn't already know: bantu knots are generally for people who have relaxed, natural hair and/or curly hair, so unless you just enjoy losing random patches of hair, you should probably find a different 'do.

A delicious mistake
You can't blame your pets for getting into the food and stuffing their faces when you accidentally leave it out where they can find it, nor can you blame this girl for taking full advantage of the rejected breadsticks box when it was sitting right out there in the open, begging to be eaten. We mean, what the heck was she supposed to do? Exercise self-restraint? Pfft! Get real!
Gorging on carbs until you make yourself sick may require its own specific warning label, but that doesn't mean it isn't completely relatable. Besides, if you ask us, you've never truly lived until you've tested your stomach's maximum carb capacity out, so if you look at it a certain way, this girl's actually a daredevil, and not a breadstick maniac.
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