5 People Who Are A Special Sort Of Done

Humans can have endless patience. But let's be honest. Most of us can't stand other human beings and have those days when we are just DONE with it all. No more Nice Human. We say what we mean and let the chips fall where they may.
It might cause a fight, but so what? We are done with it all by that point and could care less. Our anger will let people know that we won't take their foolishness any longer, and we have made it clear that an apology will be denied.
Take a seat because these 15 people are done with all of us. They won't tolerate anything now that their last nerve has been stepped on, and it's best that we let them vent their frustrations. Ever been a special sort of done? This is what it looks like.

Can't be bothered with clothes
Society requires that we wear clothing when we go out in public. Even pajamas are okay. In certain contexts, it can be appropriate to walk around in a bikini. But this woman is a special sort of done with society's rules. She decided not to bother with wearing clothes and secured a sheet over her body. It meets the barest definition of coverage for being in public without actually conforming to the rules. Clothing was just too much for her. There's the putting on underwear and a shirt and maybe pulling on some pants. It's more work than she wanted to deal with to go to Redbox and get a DVD. So, she wrapped her bed sheet around her and put on flip flops to get her some movies. We have never been that done with everything to walk around without actually clothing.
The dad who subtweeted
Lukas' dad was a special sort of done with his child who forgot his birthday. Papa Thoms couldn't forgive his kid and decided to subtweet him in the most epic way possible. And the message was clearly received. Maybe it would be a good idea to set a birthday alert on Lukas' phone so that he doesn't forget his parents' birthdays? Birthday alerts can really help those of us with bad memories, although we wonder how anyone can forget their parents' birthdays. A simple phone call to just say "Hey, happy birthday" would have been enough for Papa Thoms, but now he is just done with the child who forget. And he wanted to let everyone know that he has one child who could definitely appreciate his dear old dad a little more.

She actually upgraded
Look, McDonald's might not be anyone's dream job, but it's an honest job that can even become someone's career if that's what they want. Retro thought he could look down on his ex for working at a McD's because most people tend to snub those who work in fast food or retail. But the company had something to say. For one thing, Retro's ex gets free chicken nuggets and apple pies as a perk to the job. His ex didn't get anything like that when dating Retro. So, it certainly does sound like the ex got an upgrade by working at McDonald's. And perhaps leaving that relationship had been the best thing. Retro might not be a great boyfriend, or they just weren't a good match. But now we are hungry for some junk food from McDonad's. Be right back.
Don't cross the IT department
The IT guy was done with all the comments he would get from staff. Nobody understands his job or how hard it is when employees do ridiculous things against the IT department's advice. Some of the things that IT departments have to deal with include the following: employees clicking malware links in emails and employees taping their passwords onto their desks. Employees who constantly forget their passwords is also annoying. We don't know what this person did to anger the IT guy, but it was enough for him to get a literal black "I." The IT guy colored the I key with black marker to get his point across. Don't mess with the people in IT. That's the lesson we get from this. And stop spreading malware throughout the company!

Floods won't hold them back
These people are SO DONE with natural disasters. They wanted some crab dinners, and no flood was going to stop them from getting it. They got in their kayaks and went to their favorite bar. Maybe they deal with floods on a regular basis. If so, that would explain why they seem so nonchalant about it and decided to go out anyway. It's generally not a good idea to go wading into flood waters, especially just to go to the local steam bar and take out. Diseases and contaminants exist in floodwater and can make people very sick. But these folks are done with natural disasters and answered their craving for crab legs. They are sitting in their kayaks and enjoying beers together. If the flood were worse than this one, they would have gone elsewhere to stay safe.
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