5 People Who Got All This And We Couldn't Even Get A Text Back

For some people, the single life is as good as it gets. No long-term commitments, blanket hogging or risk of those feels getting hurt. For the rest of us, who are low-key hopeless romantics, the struggle of finding a perfect match is all too real.
There are only so many times that we can face rejection before we start questioning whether the hermit life is really the life for us. After all those times of having our messages left on "read" by those who we thought were our soulmates, the saltiness slowly starts to come over us and we can't help but feel bitter about other people's happiness. The last thing we want to do is listen to other people's romantic stories of how they met. Why is the world so unfair? Here are 15 people who got all this and we couldn't even get a text back.

This guy has it all and then some
When we said that some people's dating hustle is on another level, we weren't kidding. Just take a look at this guy who has his whole love life and then some on the back of a motorbike. Let's be real here, he wasn't born a modern day Casanova. This type of life setup probably took years to achieve. At least that's what we end up telling ourselves so we don't feel worse about not getting that text back. If we can learn anything from this man, it's that the key to a successful relationship is keeping it real from the very beginning. All we need is a few more years to go and hopefully we will magically stumble upon the key to a successful text back. Here's hoping.
6-year-olds out here getting girlfriends
When you've been surfing every dating app in existence for a long period of time, you become an expert in dropping the ideal pickup lines. The only hard part is trying to figure out how to keep the text backs rolling and the conversation flowing. Getting stuck in this loop is bound to leave us bitter at some point. Every new couple in love we lay our eyes on is a reason to cringe. The old you would have thought it was adorable that these two six-year-olds have found love. The new bitter and loveless you, cannot believe that even little kids are more successful at finding a bae than you've ever been close to. The struggle is all too real for us to handle at the moment.

This kid is making the impossible, possible
Whether you're in the world of online dating or not, we can all agree that being left on "seen" is as gut-wrenching as finding out your crush does that thing you hate. At this point, there you are thinking you fine-tuned your approach to dating, only to find out that you can't even get a text back. All that anyone really wants is a spontaneous first date at Chick-fil-A, where the sparks are flying and the classic dipping sauces are flowing into the small hours of the night. Maybe that's just us, but you get the picture. That's probably how it all went down with the guy who took this picture at his little brother's birthday party. If this kid can jump on trampolines with two broken legs, then you deserve that text back.
Here's a drain hose that sees more action that you do
Three days have passed, and you're finally beginning to come to terms with the fact that your hot Tinder match hit you with a swerve. It's also the exact moment you realize that everyone (and everything) around you has a better love life. For example, this woman has so much game, that she can decide to dress as a fashionable drain hose and she still gets more text backs than all of us combined. Let's be real here, it's not hard to do better with your current situation and we've definitely all been there. TBH, we're just jealous of this woman's ability to completely own her questionable fashion choices inspired by an inanimate object. If there is anything to be learned here, it's that confidence can take you a long way in the dating game.

Even this toilet is engaged
There comes a time in your mid twenties when you're questioning your life choices and where all the years have gone. There you are, scrolling through wedding albums and baby shower posts of your Facebook friends, all whilst wearing a face mask and pjs covered in Cheetos dust. Oh, not to mention that you're also waiting for that text back from your "soulmate". As if that wasn't bad enough, you come across this meme of an "engaged" toilet and you've never related so much. When you put your mind to it, every potential bae is like a public toilet—they're either taken or crappy. Those of us who are living the single life are just going to have to own our independent lifestyle in our Cheetos covered pjs from now on!
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