5 People Who Must Be Living With Their Auntie And Uncle In Bel-Air, ‘Cause They’re Fresh As Heck

We had this parody of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song that we were gonna show you, but considering our rapping skills are worse than an Amish Audrey Hepburn's, we're going to skip the poetry slam-style intro and just wing it the safe way.

"Fresh" might be an old school slang word, but we're bringing it back because old school is the best school—we mean, it is if you absolutely have to go to school. Still, it's best to avoid school at all costs if you can, what with the studying and the tests and all. Look, maybe you should just check out these 15 people who must be living with their auntie and uncle in Bel-Air 'cause they're fresh as heck before we ramble anymore.

Todd would like to politely invite you to put that in your pipe and smoke it
There's two sides to the coin that is quitting a job. If you love it, quitting is difficult and must be dealt with delicately. But, if you hate your job, then all bets are off and you can have yourself one heck of a field day! Naturally, you want to find a job that you adore, so when you get up and go to work every day, it doesn't feel like a chore. But, you know? When you're quitting a job you really hate, the pleasure you take in it almost makes having endured countless horrible, monotonous days worth it.
So, if you find yourself faced with the task of leaving a job you abhor, take a leaf out of Todd's book and go out like a boss.
Who hurt this man?
We're only twenty-somethings, so we may not be the best people to consult on this issue, but in our experience, other people only exist so that they can stab you in the back. Oh, sure, they may seem like they're on your side for a little while. They may play the role of the "best friend" really well, but as soon they see their chance, they will stab you in the back for their own personal gain. That's why you should never trust anyone, ever. Not your friends, not your family—not even us! We mean, who knows what the heck we have up our sleeve?
The only person in this world you can truly rely on is yourself, so be like this fresh guy and watch your own back.

How to look fresh when you really can't afford it
Some people are born with freshness, and others, with the right training, acquire it. But, even if freshness is your natural instict, even if it's something you have no control over and did not ask for, it still costs money. You can't be fresh as heck in old clothes, wearing the same sneakers you wore in gym class back in high school, talking on your cellphone that wasn't even considered cool when it came out fifteen years ago.
Don't get us wrong, you can be fresh with your old clothes and your old shoes and your old gadgets. But, you can't be fresh as heck that way. Being fresh as heck costs money, but if you're clever like this guy, your freshness will always lead you to a loophole.
When hand-eye coordination becomes a superpower
Just in case you thought like you were pretty fresh, here's a friendly reminder that you're not even close. Ah, don't worry. We're not even close, either, so you're in good company. We mean, when some random guy grabs his hat out of thin air after losing it on a roller coaster, how are you supposed to out fresh that, huh? It can't be done. Not by us, anyway.
Heck, the coolest thing we ever did on a roller coaster was not throw up. There's no way that mere mortals such as ourselves can outshine this shooting star and his remarkable powers of hand-eye coordination, so we might as well give up all hope of that right now. All we can do is swoon over this master of physics.

Giving birth to chips and chocolate bars
We can't go to movie theaters. Don't get us wrong, we love the disgustingly sticky floors, the screaming babies and the infamous "person who sits behind you and kicks your seat the entire time". We can't get enough of those things, we enjoy them so much! It's just we can't make it two hours without snacks, and we don't really want to have our electricity shut off just so we can buy a small popcorn and a pack of M&M's at the concession stand. Call us crazy.
Sneaking in snacks has never been our forte. Candy always slips out of wherever we've concealed it and gives us away, that's why we wait for movies to come out on DVD. But, with this pregnancy spiel? That's all about to change.
5 People Who Must Be Living With Their Auntie And Uncle In Bel-Air, ‘Cause They’re Fresh As Heck 5 People Who Must Be Living With Their Auntie And Uncle In Bel-Air, ‘Cause They’re Fresh As Heck Reviewed by 1 on April 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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