5 People Who Must’ve Donated All Their Hecks To Charity ‘Cause They Don’t Have Any Left To Give

*To the tune of "L-O-V-E"* L is for the way you make us lose; I is for the intense feelings of anxiety. F is cringe-y, cringe-y, super duper fail-y; E is...something that starts with an E!
Okay, so our "L-I-F-E" rendition of "L-O-V-E" could use some work, but we kind of like it better this way. Sure, it's a major fail, but isn't that what life is really all about? Stumbling from one embarrassing screw up to another?
Life has a way of sucking the, well, life out of you. When the going gets tough, the tough give up every one of their last effs, just like these 15 people must have donated all of their hecks to charity, because they don't have any left to give.

Hey, she did what she had to do! We think she's blameless, here
We know this little boy thinks his grandma is being a meanie for hogging the kiddie pool all to herself, even though his dad bought it specifically for him, but he just needs to look at it from her point of view. Sure, it's not fair, kid, but consider this: she doesn't care. She has not a single heck left to give—she doesn't even have one to spare for her own grand baby, that is how incredibly done she is.
Ah, he's young. He'll get over this heartbreak in no time flat. A few years from now, he won't even remember this, but as for his grandma? Adult life is stressful as heck, kiddo, sometimes ya gotta steal a child's fun to just to get your kicks.
One strong wind, and this guy's got himself a million-dollar settlement
Much like the Thanksgiving turkey that our dad put in the oven last year at 475-degrees, without remembering to set the timer on the stove, or to check on it even once, and setting off all of the smoke alarms in the house in the process, this guy is about as done as it gets.
He's done trying to get ahead when life's there to thwart him at every turn. He's done working super hard and never having it really pay off. He is just so, incredibly, undeniably done. And that's why he's standing under the falling P—which, in any other instance would be disgusting, but in this case, it could result in some easy money. We hope he's wearing comfortable shoes. He might be there a while.

She's on the path to success
We theorize that we're all born with a certain number of hecks, and as time goes on and life throws more and more undesirable situations our way, we lose our hecks—just like how every time you sneeze, you lose some brain cells. If our hypothesis holds any water at all, then you know what this means? This girl has used up all of her hecks already, and she's not even a teenager yet.
Then again, it could be that this girl is just temporarily unable to access her hecks, because schoolwork of any kind does have a way of making kids incredibly done. We hope, for her sake, she's still got some hecks to hang onto, otherwise she's going to grow up to be the world's most bitter pessimist.
Well, that works, too
Sometimes, it can be really hard to care. Ambivalence is all consuming, but it also helps you prioritize. For instance, this guy could've gone all out with this poster. He could've done some swell graphic artwork for it, he could've spent a lot of money paying for a custom design. There are a million ways that he could have made this thing hecka sweet. But, because he was so fed up with life in general, he decided to place the informative details above the aesthetics to produce the masterpiece of doneness that you see before you.
Still, you can't fault the guy. He did what he set out to do, and he did it well. It's a little lacking in chill, but it hits every mark.

Sweets beat science any day of the week
We're not teachers, but we tried to show our friend's three-year-old son how to put his socks on, and after about half a minute of going through the steps, we had to give up because it was too hard. Seriously, he was acting like a complete baby the entire time! We don't know how teachers summon the patience to teach kids anything, but major props to all of them for it, because if they didn't do that job then people would be even more stupid than they already are.

It seems like teachers have unlimited tolerance, but even they lose track of all of their hecks, sometimes. This guy's students are lucky, because handing out marshmallows is about the best response to losing hecks as you could ask for.
5 People Who Must’ve Donated All Their Hecks To Charity ‘Cause They Don’t Have Any Left To Give 5 People Who Must’ve Donated All Their Hecks To Charity ‘Cause They Don’t Have Any Left To Give Reviewed by 1 on April 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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