5 Signs that your Relationship has come to an end!

Does your partner really suit you? Or is it time for you to move on? These questions do not have a universal answer, because the situation in each pair is unique. But there are standard indicators by which it is possible to determine at which stage some relations come to an end.

Before answering the 5 questions listed below, temporarily turn into an observer who can evaluate your pair from an objective point of view. Try to be absolutely impartial.
1. Your values ​​and life guides are different.

Each person has values ​​that he is not going to discuss with others. For example, registering a serious relationship in the registry office, the birth of children, moving to a separate housing from the parents. If the main values ​​of your partner do not coincide with yours, then such a difference may have a bad effect on the relationship.

Of course, each pair is able to agree, come to a compromise. However, you do not need to go give up your values ​​to please others, succumb to external pressure. This behavior will very soon cause you to feel depressed. The change in the basic life values ​​of the partners must occur gradually and naturally, and there is no room for pressure and coercion. Change is the logical result of the joint personal growth of two people.
2. The partner takes you for granted (he stopped appreciating you).
In the evening, you watch a movie together, which he previously chose, without consulting with you. You dine with food from the restaurant, which he bought to your liking. You dress children in the clothes that liked your partner. In addition, the partner will never admit that his behavior is selfish. He simply perceives your submissive behavior as a self-evident action. In his opinion, everything goes according to a clearly defined plan in your life together.

In fact, he just stopped appreciating you and being interested in your opinion. Unfortunately, such behavior is nothing more than a harbinger of collapsing relationships.
3. A partner does not respect you.
Disrespect for another person manifests itself in different ways. One example is the lack of necessary action. The second option is verbal or emotional violence, as well as passive-aggressive behavior. All these forms of offensive behavior are at first sight insignificant, so it is so difficult to notice them in time.

Sometimes disrespectful behavior can be even more inconspicuous. A partner can call you a habitual insulting word and do not apologize for it. Or he can veil an insult into another form, for example, saying: "In this dress, you look like a prostitute." Insult skillfully disguised.
4. The partner does not care about your needs (physical and emotional)
Emotional you do, you do for your partner. He always takes care and love, but rarely gives. You make life easier for him, and he does not even need to work on relationships.re and love, but rarely gives. You make life easier for him, and he does not even need to work on relationships.

Thinking for a moment, you realize that the number of times a partner has satisfied your needs, you can count on the fingers of one hand.
5. Your partner takes a lot, but gives a little.
To notice such disrespectful behavior, you may need a lot of time. However, gradually you will notice that you are constantly interested in his affairs, take care of him, ask about his plans. In turn, the partner does not behave the same way. He shows interest in you so rarely that you forgot when it happened the last time.

Such relationships are parental, where one partner is Mom (or Dad), and the second is an eternal child, able to take, but not give. These relations are not constructive, because they do not have a place for joint personal growth.
If these conditions are prevailing in your relationship then it might indicate that you're not very far from the end!
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