5 Sly Pranksters Who Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

We all know how it is on the Internet. Things go from 0 to drama at the blink of a darn eye around here. Over on Twitter, Justin Bieber has drunkenly punched a paparazzo, and 10-trillion Beliebers have arisen to furiously defend the questionable life decisions of their leader. Again.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, you can barely scroll down your timeline without explosive family issues and demands for child support going off everywhere. It’s a minefield, is what I’m getting at here.

It’s no surprise, then, that the lighter side of life is a popular escape route. You can always count on pranksters to brighten up your day a little, providing they’re pranking somebody else. Here are 15 criminal masterminds whose devious schemes went above and beyond.
I Hate Beetroot More Than Mice And Rats
Now, as a general rule, I’m totally down with vegetables. They’re not usually the tastiest of foods, but they’re darn right wholesome. They keep you regular, they’re a great source of vitamins, and they’re not laden with natural sugar the same way that fruit is. What’s not to like?

I’ll tell you what’s not to like, friends. Despite the pro-vegetable stance, I’ve never been a fan of beetroot. Growing up, my mom swore by the stuff, and would eat tons of it. The taste was just totally off for me, though, and the color of it (and the frightening color your pee would be afterwards) put me right off.
As such, as perfectly devious as this prank is, I think I’d be more afraid of a straight-up beetroot left in the middle of the table.
The Ballad Of Gary's Stolen Packed Lunches
We’re getting this party started the right way with this little slice of solid gold. Looking at this image, I can only imagine a Ross Gellar-alike howling about his turkey sandwich (with a Moist Maker, naturally). You threw my sandwich away? My sandwich? MY sandwich?
Most of the office workers among us are familiar with this scenario, I’m sure of it. There’s always that one person who’s a little too precious about their lunch. As such, there’s also always that person who makes it their sole mission in life to screw with said person’s lunch.
This is the usual routine, but I’ve never seen anyone take it to these glorious new lengths. You might have brought the full, mighty wrath of Gary down upon you, but you’ve given us a darn good laugh in the process.

When You Just Can’t Let Go Of Martha
Do you remember the Jim Carrey classic Bruce Almighty? There’s a scene in the movie where he has just broken up with his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Aniston, and he’s trying to win her back with his newfound powers. He’s planting all kinds of ‘signs’ for her, subconsciously trying to make her realize that they should get back together.
Now, I’m not saying that whoever pulled this stunt was recently visited by Morgan Freeman (come on, who else could have played the role of a God), and he transferred all of his powers to them. I’m also not not saying that, either, because I love that movie and just thinking about it again warms my cockles.
Come on, Martha. These are some lengths to go to; you must be super important to this person.
Pranking The New Guy Reaches Whole New Heights Of Evil
When it comes to pranks, particularly the super cruel ones, the key is picking your target. You don’t want to thoroughly humiliate an innocent victim. You want to be the swift and terrible sword of hilarious justice, smiting only those who deserve it. And who deserves it most of all? The new person, that’s who.
I’m not sure where the whole hazing thing began, but it’s thoroughly rooted in our culture now. A new job, joining a fraternity, whatever it happens to be. Pranking the new guy is a time-honored tradition, for whatever reason, and you don’t screw with the natural order of things.
Look at this poor guy. He’s standing there in his spangly new uniform, trying his darndest to look enthusiastic and attentive. You’ve convinced him that he has to fill the water fountain, haven’t you? I hope you’re happy.

That Fixed Tom REAL Good
The idea of pranking the new guy at work gives us a neat little segue into our next entry. Work pranks, and particularly office ones, are super important. They allow the team to bond, and maintain a little of their sanity in the face of constant stress and deadlines.
Office workers often struggle to find time for fun, time away from staring at the glow of their screens. Their clinical, white walled environment doesn’t exactly scream 'super happy funtimes,' either. These wacky funsters do get the odd moment to let loose, though, and they sure make the best of them when they come along.
For instance, it’s not unusual for a worker to come back to their desk after lunch, to find that their colleague has encased their mouse and keys in jelly. They have kindly provided a spoon for them to eat their way back to productivity, though.
Be Darn Careful Where You Park!
I may be a little iffy on some of the entries we’re looking at here, but I have zero doubts that this one is entirely justified.
A pet peeve of mine (shared by many of you good, caring citizens, I’m sure) is people parking in the disabled spaces without a badge. Sure, this may save you about 20 seconds getting back to your car, and your groceries are super heavy, but this is all kinds of uncool.
This image went instantly viral a while back, and it’s not hard to see why. Over in Brazil, a callous driver happily stopped in the disabled bay and went on about his business. He returned to find that his entire car had been coated in Post-It notes, in the pattern of that distinctive blue badge.
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