5 Tattoos These Teens Might Live To Regret

5. That's one way to rebel
Teenagers can be downright mean sometimes, and that often results in them saying things that they will later regret. Unfortunately, many parents of teens have heard the words "I hate you" on more than one occasion. Yet, these teens eventually come around to apologizing, even if it's much later when they have their own teenage children.

This guy, however, has a mark of hatred that will stick with him much longer than any feelings of disgust for his parents. He literally had the words "I hate my mom" tattooed on his forehead. We have to wonder what would lead him to do such a thing. Maybe she forbade him from getting a tattoo, so he decided to get back at her in the most ironic (and evil) way possible? In the end, he will be the one paying the consequences by wearing this awful tattoo for life.

4. Best go back to "scool"
There's a common notion that people with tattoos often think they are too cool for a lot of common things. So, it might make sense in that context that a kid with a tattoo would think that he's too cool for school. Sadly, many of us have seen these types of people who quit school as soon as they get of age to do so.
This guy hated school so much, however, that he couldn't just leave and let things be. He had to capitalize on his hatred for education by marking himself with his beliefs. That's what led to this tattoo with a school bus and the words "too cool for scool." Yep, that last word is misspelled, and had he stayed in school long enough he might have known it.

3. Smells better than it looks
Just when we thought one teen with an armpit tattoo was enough, we find yet another one. Apparently, the onion chick isn't as unique as she first thought. No, there isn't another onion in an armpit, but there is something just as interesting. This girl has a sunny flower with a caption that claims her pits smell like Teen Spirit.
OK, that's probably true...and funny since it's also a reference to a Nirvana song. But what happens years from now when she switches to Dove? Unlike the onion chick, we can see that this young woman has several sizable tattoos. At this rate, it's likely she will be inked all over by the time she graduates college. With all that color going on, people will be too busy staring to stop and smell her pits.

2. He just did it
First, we had a girl getting a Skittles tattoo, or rather a "Skittlez" tattoo. Now, we have a guy who decided to get the Nike swoosh on his neck. Seriously, what is the deal with teenagers literally branding themselves with brands? This guy is probably in a lot of pain, since he chose to get his tattoo in the jugular. We're pretty sure it's the Nike symbol, even though it's going up instead of at its usual angle. Maybe he's in some kind of sports gang? We sure hope not. Another possibility is that he lost some kind of bet, much like the guy who got a McDonald's receipt tattooed as a joke. We hate to be the one to break it to him, but the joke will be on him when he starts looking for employment one day. On second thought, he should try the Nike outlet.

1. Must be brand ambassadors
Here we go again...more brands. All of these tatted up kids must be getting some kind of kickbacks on Instagram posts from companies whose logos they wear. We’ve seen McDonald's, Skittles and Nike all represented, and now we have Adidas. Well, we're assuming that they meant to get the Adidas symbol and not some abstract leaf. Regardless of their intentions, it is Adidas.
This time it's double the tattoo fails, as two girls got the same logo. They decided to be somewhat original though by getting tatted in different spots. What ever happened to BFF's pricking their fingers and making a good old-fashioned blood oath to stay friends? Or friendship bracelets? Those would make more sense. Oh well, as the kids say these days, "YOLO!"
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