5 Things Women Do All The Time That Are Annoying AF


There are three ways to tell a story. Lots of women commonly use two of the three ways. The first way to tell it is to leave out all of the important details so the story makes absolutely no sense to the man. Then the man can be accused of not listening.
The second way to tell a story is to include every single minute unimportant detail. This way a two minute story takes ten minutes, the man loses focus, and then gets accused of not listening.
The third way and least commonly used by women is just telling the story normally. All important facts included but none that aren’t needed.

No man likes this, not even the rich ones. When you meet a woman and the first conversation consists of what kind of vehicle you drive and what your monthly income is, you might take that as a sign to run fast and far.
A man wants their woman to love them for who they are, not what they can buy for them. It’s extremely annoying when you first meet a woman and those traits of hers are exposed during the first few conversations.
If you are a woman and this is something you do, try to be at least a little secretive about it. Show some class and find these things out as time goes by. Don’t come right out and ask because that is very annoying and will probably lead to a very short chat.

There are lots of things that come across your life that may present some kind of problem. There are two ways to handle these instances; one is calmly, quietly and like an adult. The other is to completely overreact and get all loud and drama filled over it. Nine out of ten times when this happens it only makes the situation worse.
Calmly discussing things can solve a lot of problems quickly and easily. Why make things worse than they already were? Furthermore, why make something out of nothing that was there in the first place? The overreaction can be a killer.

Men sometimes call women that tend to lie a lot “truth deprived.” It’s the perfect label for those that tend to leave out a fact or four when telling a story. In a lot of cases this will go hand in hand with the drama situations and you’ll find a lot of crossover women for the two offenses.
I’m not saying that men don’t lie too because they do. But again, today we are focusing on the ladies, so go ahead and just tell the truth, ladies. It’s as annoying to us as it is to you when that doesn’t happen.

Being jealous just isn’t a good trait to have. It’s extremely hard for the person who isn’t, to have to hear about it all the time. Not only that, but they also have to deal with the drama that comes from that jealousy.
When a man is accused of looking at someone they haven’t looked at, it can be funny the first time it happens. However, the twentieth time it happens it’s no longer funny and it becomes quite annoying.
Sure, there are plenty of times that men look at women when they shouldn’t be doing so, but there are also plenty of times that they aren’t.
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