5 Things You Only Find Out About Your Partner After Marriage


It’s totally natural for us as humans to completely avoid the things that most terrify us. If someone is afraid of heights, they likely avoid cliffs and roller coasters… If someone is afraid of clowns, they likely avoid the circus…
It’s because of this that it’s likely your partner may have a secret fear you never knew about. Sometimes, though, those fears can be really unexpected. Some research on fear has indicated that things with holes, like waffles and lotus flowers, are some of the most common secret fears of adults.

File this under the: ‘Things to Google Before Marriage’ category. Years before we had public records of inmates and former arrests, it was entirely common for former prisoners to never share their past with their current spouse. While it would be more difficult to do now, it certainly could still happen to a less-than-savvy internet sleuth. While many people go to prison for harmless crimes or one bad decision, it is still probably something that should be brought up to the person you’re spend your life with, right? To each their own, we guess! Let’s just hope you’re not unknowingly married to a repeat offender.

We all like to look at a new lover with rose-colored glasses. When we fall in love, even the bad parts of someone can become endearing and funny. This is called ‘the honeymoon phase.’ After the marriage, though, the honeymoon phase fades and we can be left glaring at some obvious personality challenges in our partners. That whole lovable, sarcastic personality can quickly morph into a cynic racist. This can be pretty jarring for a modern couple, as it should be. Let’s make talking about human rights and equal opportunity to the things to discuss at length before engagement, like money, politics, and religion.

Anyone who’s ever lived alone knows the utter bliss that can go with being our weirdest selves. When no one is around to tell you you’re ‘adulting’ wrong, it can be easy to adapt some pretty weird habits. On the Reddit thread about marital secrets you didn’t know, this is one of the most common topics that comes up. Some of the most infuriating household habits? From refusing to shut cupboards and drawers, to leaving the cap off of absolutely everything (think: condiments, toothpaste, pickles), it can take a good amount of effort to make two lovebirds be compatible roommates.

At the beginning of the relationship, people hold a lot in. We hold in our dark secrets, past partners, biggest fears, and long-term goals. However, according to Reddit, we also are all holding in our gas. Tons of husbands and wives found common ground on the thread about having no idea how much their partner passes gas until after marriage. Does having a ring on our fingers make it more difficult to hold it in? Or, are we just hoping our partner won’t leave us for having to fart regularly? Either way, farting really seemed to be the most common thing people hid from their spouses until after marriage!
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