5 Ugly Tattoos People HAVE To Regret Ever Getting


Although tattoos are already accepted today, there is still a stigma about face tattoos. Sometimes, people with face tattoos are convicts with a lengthy prison sentence.
However, there are really just people who want to get face tattoos – metal band members or fans or this person tattooed with a checkered pattern on his face. Why did he get a tattoo similar to his background? Is this some kind of a camouflage technique? People just really can’t figure out why this kind of tattoo has a meaning to him.
Let’s try to give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we? According to some spiritual experts, the checkered pattern is a spiritual symbol. Some people say that this is a symbol for evil that is used in the Freemasonry teachings, while some say that a checkered pattern is just tied up to numerology that is a symbol for energy, power, leadership, and action. Whatever the meaning of this checkered pattern, let’s just conclude that maybe that is the message he is trying to send through his tattoo (but seriously, on the face?).

Alright, there is no doubt that this is really weird. Why get glass frames tattooed on the face? There are people who value tattoos as an art of expressing themselves and every tattoo has deep and special meaning. Tattoos represent their lives, not to represent weirdness at its finest. Yes, face tattoos are weird, but traditionally, face tattoos have a different and important meaning in ethnic tribes, too. This guy is just really weird.
Meet Matthew, a hipster who was tired of being questioned on why he did not wear the “Ray-Ban without lenses hipster trend”. Feeling fed up, he decided to show the world that he is a total hipster who got his permanent no-lens-glasses tattooed on his face.

Well, this is actually true! Without pen at school, one can’t gain knowledge, right? That is if that’s what he’s trying to say. However, it appears that he meant “no pain, no gain”. Wrong choice of words and wrong choice of artist once again ruined his special tattoo moment.
“No pain, no gain” is originally an exercise motto. It means that working out or training hard will give the best results. For instance, athletes endure physical pain in order to be on the right track to professional excellence.
This is also applicable in getting a tattoo. Without pain, you will not be inked. However, in today’s generation where humans do everything to make life easier, painless tattoos are no longer an impossibility. Painless tattoos can be achieved by applying numbing spray, cream, or gel. Despite this advancement, there are still people who are very attached to the “no pain, no gain” way of getting inked.

It seems that he is proud to be diagnosed positive. Being positive in life is good, but being diagnosed with HIV is medically not good. Some people would say that this can be an inappropriate tattoo. Do you think he got this tattoo because he is really diagnosed with HIV or he just doesn’t know what HIV means?
Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV causes HIV infection that can develop immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.
This is why HIV is a serious medical condition, because it can lead to cancers and other life-threatening diseases.

Who is Jon Bovi, you ask? Well, we’re not really sure. We know a Bon Jovi, though. The tattoo is very wrong, but what’s right here is that the person is clearly not a real fan of the musician. The tattoo artist is also not a fan, because who would misspell Bon Jovi’s name, right? Even the name “Bon Jovi” is permanently inked on a lot of people, especially rock fans. Another thing to note here, “it’s is my life” is also NOT correct. This needs to be covered-up immediately. Isn’t this guy embarrassed of his ink?
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