6 Annoying Things Only Hot Women Get Away With


Dissing other people is probably not the best characteristic trait of a human being. Unfortunately, there’s that awful feeling inside you of being stalked 24/7. And, what’s even worse, we’re not talking about the positive image of that.
Perhaps, there are even more hardcore gossipers out there discussing other people’s lives, significant others, financial status, etc. Maybe the cute and nice girl you’ve had a crush on since high school is just another example of it. Well, in this case, she’s at least a very charismatic and pretty girl. You might not believe it, but she may come out an even worse gossiper regardless of how nice she acts when in your company. All in all, you still can’t keep your eyes off her, can you? Her charm has such a mighty power over you.

Actually, you may not realize it, but all these fabulous looking girls love the idea of being sexy and casual! It doesn’t even matter whose shirt this lovely girl wore when you saw her beautiful face the other day. To you, she simply glows in everything she puts on. It’s really interesting since she may go to the point where she’ll go out in a dress made of paper and you won’t even realize it. Hilarious, isn’t it? Ultimately, dressing carelessly is another odd thing hot girls love doing. And note that your opinion hardly matters to them.
Well, you can’t expect from her to be the most intelligent individual on this planet and use her as your Google search engine, can you? After all, nobody says that she must be an expert in all fields of knowledge, right? Ultimately, we’re all different and unique in our own way in terms of interests, hobbies, fields of knowledge, personal and professional goals. And so, we’re all humans making mistakes now and then. With this in mind, why should we be critical or mean regarding this girl’s awful spelling skills? Well, we’re being way too much sarcastic now. But in truth, she’s at least a wonderful girl with extraordinary looks and humor. So, this could do wonders for her, couldn’t it?

Well, we can’t argue with this one. Struggling with those awful hair days is really hard especially if running late for work. Let’s imagine now a much more stressful scenario of sleeping through all of the early alarms! How awful can it get? Trying to fix the messy hair locks in less than 5 minutes before storming through the door can be extremely nerve-wracking for a normal and less pretentious person. Of course, the keyword here is “less demanding”. Think about the tantrum that a lot of girls would throw in such a moment. “Omg, my hair looks like trash!” Sure it may look like trash, but putting it back in a high and sleek ponytail would do the job. What’s more, nobody would make a comment about that especially when her gorgeous personality enters the office, right?
Here we go with our favorite type of stunning girls who tend to be a bit crazy and overly dramatic at times. Of course, such sweethearts love driving their men to lunacy with their extremely dramatic and significant daily issues. “Oh, no, the beauty salon isn’t open during the weekends!” Indeed, how awful! Without being too judgmental, there are as many drama queens out there as there are stars up in the sky. Just accept it that some women simply love being the center of attention no matter what, when or how. What’s more important here is the genuinely charming and sneaky way of getting what they want so quickly and easily.

Oh, dear! If truth be told, we can barely imagine a less attractive situation. Seeing a girl getting high or hitting the 2nd bottle of tequila is surely not the most charming view to contemplate. Of course, it’s not the same with every girl. The exception to this unwritten golden rule is certainly the group of the “cool” and pretty girls. All members are simply stunning, so they can do whatever they want to do. It’s as simple as 123. As for you, you can just stand there and watch the party or join the fun! To each his own!
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