6 Celebrities Who Make Their Partners Sign NDAs

Celebrities have a lot to worry about when it comes to getting close with new people. So they have their partners sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.
Does anyone remember when Ben Affleck was with Jennifer Garner? Does anyone remember when it came out that he had been banging his children's nanny? It was pretty big news in the tabloids and even in supposedly reputable news outlets. Either way, believe it or not, that nanny had actually signed an NDA. That didn't stop the tabloids from getting their claws into her and getting enough info to damn Affleck for his naughty business. Even in spite of that, it's amazing to see that the nanny still has managed being supported by Affleck even after all of that crazy news erupted. You would think he might want to sue her for spilling the beans to the press. I mean, come on. Why would you keep paying for her sweet lifestyle? She must have a lot more dirt on you, Ben!

Miley Cyrus uses NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) even if she wants a quickie from a groupie. Any hookup and/or potential relationship is met with something very interesting. Not just an NDA but also an interview with Cyrus' assistant as well as the taking of the potential fun-buddy's phone. Of course, they get their phone back when they get tossed to the curb after the fun ends. Apparently, there is a key bit of information about Miley that is important and it's that she doesn't want to receive any gifts from her hookups. I guess this was something that happened often before she decided to include not giving gifts in her NDA? She's so good that she's gift worthy to people who don't even know her...interesting. Now you know, just in case you're next.
It's always scary when someone who likes to get punchy is asking you to sign an NDA before things get freaky. If I was a groupie, I would be out of there right away. I mean, I wouldn't be a groupie at a Chris Brown concert, but I would be concerned if he was going to make me sign an NDA, just in case he tried to love me with his fists like he did with Rihanna. Either way, the reason we happen to know that Brown hands out NDAs is pretty hilarious. There was a girl at a post-Grammy party who was hanging out with Brown and before she was allowed to really enjoy the night, she was handed an NDA by one of Brown's security guards. The funny thing was that she didn't have the idea of spending the night with him in a naughty way at all. I think Brown thinks too highly of himself.

This is just the perfect shot for this article. Woods would want his lovers to be quiet (given how bloody many he's had). Elin Nordegren, Woods' ex-wife was given an NDA to sign when they started proceedings for their divorce. I think he probably would have been smarter to just make his many lovers sign NDAs. But, it turns out that Nordegren is the only one he handed an agreement to. She was also apparently offered $100 million to sign and keep quiet for life. I think I would probably take that deal too. One of Woods' girls was offered $10 million to shut up, but she had to give most of it up when she accidentally spilled the beans on Celebrity Rehab. That's a sh*tty time to break an NDA.
Here is one of the worst musicians in the world. And not because he's a bad musician. It's just because he's a complete a**hole. Of course, this is one of those guys who thinks he's bigger than The Beatles, which is hilarious. I know they were his inspiration but relax with the arrogance! Anyway, here is an example of a celeb who didn't end up getting the girl to sign on the dotted line. Back when he was married, he knocked up another girl. First, he didn't believe her, so he had a paternity test done. Once it proved that he was the father, he immediately went on to hand her the NDA to keep her quiet about their relationship and his money. Well, she basically said "f*ck you" and walked away. I wonder when we'll get that story out of her. It's not like she can be charged for it, and Liam kind of deserves it.
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