6 Rare Photos Of Hilary Duff That Only Her True Fans Would Have Seen

Us millennials basically grew up with Hilary Duff. We listened to her innocent pop music, we loved her in movies like Raise Your Voice and A Cinderella Story, and we were fans of her sister, Haylie, as well.
These days, Hilary is still making awesome pop music and starring on the hilarious and smart show, Younger. She has transitioned into a more mature career and that's really inspiring and definitely something to admire. Not everyone can do that. Okay, most stars can't do that, let's be real here.
She's also a great mom to her son, Luca, and speaks a lot about what it's like to be a single mom since she got divorced pretty recently. We definitely are big fans of Hilary Duff, that's for sure. The majority of the time, the singer and actress looks super stylish. She's got a really cool chic thing going on and for a while, even embraced some colorful hairstyles, which was really awesome. No doubt about it, she's pretty amazing. But some of the time, the star is spotted out and about not looking as chic and stylish as her regular self. Check out 6 photos that Hilary Duff really wishes her fans would unsee.
Not Looking Like Herself

It's impossible not to go "Who the heck is this, and what happened to Hilary Duff" when staring at this photo. Simply put, she doesn't look like herself at all. There's really no other way to say it.
This doesn't even look like her since these days, she's looking healthy and happy, and she even recently posted on Instagram that she's sick of body shaming and doesn't care what people have to say about her body or her physical appearance. This photo must have been snapped during the time in her life when she admitted that she was really, really thin (and way unhealthy). She wouldn't want fans to see this because she knows that this wasn't a healthy, good look for her. It's probably a part of her past that she is ready to move on from.
Snapped At The Wrong Time

Yup, Hilary Duff still looks scary skinny in this picture, and we can see that the most in her face. Her face was completely changed during this period when she weighed much less than she does now. And there's something about the necklaces that she has on that makes her look even smaller.
We can see that her cheekbones and chin, in particular, look much smaller and skinnier than they do today. We're pretty sure that she wouldn't be thrilled if her fans saw photos of her from this time because she has spoken out about how she was too thin and that she knows now that she had a problem and it wasn't a good thing. It's definitely pretty eye-opening to compare photos of the star today from photos during this time period.
She's Unrecognizable

Do we think that this even looks like Hilary Duff?! Most of us would probably go with "no way" or "not a chance." But, yes, this is really a photo of the singer and actress.
She looks like she was basically disappearing because she was so incredibly thin. And even that is a big understatement. From her thin arms to her barely-there stomach to her flat chest, she looked skinny in a very unhealthy way. At least now she knows that it was too thin and that it wasn't healthy to look like this. But, wow, it's hard to look at photos of her from this time in her life, and it's especially difficult to look at this one. She really looks so frail, doesn't she?
Bad Hat Day

Everyone has bad hair days, including celebrities, and now we know that "bad hat days" are totally a thing, too.
Hats are a super tricky thing when it comes to the wonderful world of fashion. We've all bought a hat that we thought looked absolutely amazing on us... and then gone home and tried it on again and realized that it wasn't quite that fabulous. Maybe it was just plain ugly or just not something that suited us. Again, hats are tricky. The same styles don't look good on everyone so they're a pretty subjective, personal thing. This hat is not the best one ever, and we think it's safe to say that this outfit would have been a lot better and more stylish without it.
Too Green

There's no doubt about it, this shade of green is just not one that looks good on most people. Okay. We're going to be bold and say it: it doesn't look good on anyone.
Maybe there are some magical creatures who can pull off this shade, but honestly, it seems really tough. It's just too... green. And this dress is not only too green but also way too shiny. This color is just not something that works well and it definitely doesn't work in dress form. The cut of this dress is too baggy and wide and not flattering at all and doesn't look all that great. Otherwise, Hilary looks beautiful and her hair looks awesome here, so we're convinced that if she had worn another dress, this would have been a great look for sure.
Her Fans Were Concerned

Back in the day, there were a whole bunch of young female celebs who were way too thin, and rumors of eating disorders definitely ran rampant. Usually, there is a lot of denial with this type of subject, and people don't always admit to what is really going on.
Hilary Duff is an exception. A few years ago, she said that she weighed 98 pounds when she was 17 and 18 years old, and that she knows that this was a super low weight. She told People magazine, “I was too thin. That was not a healthy place for me. I was so unhappy. I remember my hands cramping because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients.” It looks like this photo was from those days but we're happy that Hilary has bounced back and is totally feeling herself right now!
6 Rare Photos Of Hilary Duff That Only Her True Fans Would Have Seen 6 Rare Photos Of Hilary Duff That Only Her True Fans Would Have Seen Reviewed by 1 on April 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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