7 Curious Facts Your Appearance Says About You

You've might notice that sometimes you can judge people by their faces. You can instantly judge the character of a particular person, only by his/ her face. Some people say that faces don't mean anything, however, there are researchers that claim that face can play a major role when determining someone's personality.
To be precise, Carmen E. Lefevre from the University College of London claims that appearance is the product of genes, a lifestyle that you are having, and hormones and there are 7 details on human's face that can tell us interesting things about the personality.


Your face is full of muscles. And whenever you make an expression you use muscles. Well, when you have wrinkles on your face, they show you the most used emotions on your face. Those wrinkles are there even when you are not thinking or doing anything.
- If you have those "Crow's Feet" in the corner of your lips it means that you are cheerful and optimistic. It means that you like to laugh. And if you have creases on your forehead it means that you are serious and have certainly gone through a lot in your life.

Prominent Cheekbones

According to scientists from the University College of London, prominent cheekbones mean a high level of testosterone. And that is directly connected to dominance, aggressiveness, a rebellious spirit. And females can sense that.

The Shape of Your Face

Allegedly there is a connection between the shape of your face and dominance. And when I say dominance, I don't mean the appearance of dominance from the standpoint of the observer. Dominance, as a part of your character! And it is mainly connected to the ratio between the width and height of your face. The average ratio is around 2. The lower the ratio, the higher the dominance. <b>To figure out the ratio of your face, measure the distance between your ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and your upper lip. That ratio will show you how high your chances of the success are.

You Can Guess Someone's Profession, By The Way, He/She Poses For The Camera

We all instinctively turn a certain side of our face towards the camera when taking photos or selfies. We do that to look more attractive. And one study determined that engineers, mathematicians, and chemists turn their right cheek towards the camera, while artists and psychologists turn their left cheek. And <b>there is also a difference between genders because women often turn their left cheek towards the camera. Scientists say that left side of the face is controlled by the right side of the brain, which is responsible for emotions.

Selfie as Your Short Autobiography

Well, there is actually someone who was crazy enough to sit down and analyze more than 123 selfies to the tiniest detail. That was Lin Kee, from Technological University in Singapore. He took 123 selfies made by one person he found on Sina Weibo (that’s a Chinese website similar to Twitter). He found out that positive people like to take selfies from below. They are not afraid to look funny in their photos. And only neurotic people make those "duck face" selfies.
However, there is one problem with this research. You can't define someone's trait judging by the selfie. People tend to look much better on their selfies than in real life.

The Size of Your Nose and Your Ambitions

Scientists compared over 1700 photos of faces and especially paid attention to the size of their noses. Their study was published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013. They noticed that there were 14 different types of noses and they tried to tie them to their personalities. It turned out that the bigger the nose is, the more ambitious the person is. People with that kind of a nose are often perfectionists.

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