7 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

Sometimes is not about keeping secrets, but about keeping the specific personal things to ourselves. Seneca, the Roman philosopher said this around 2000 years ago: “If you want your secret to being saved, save it yourself.”
There are things that we rather not prefer to tell anyone. These stuff are personal to us and meaningful in our own ways, and it’s basically part of who we truly are and what we withhold.
The Indian philosophy contains aspects of focusing on problems that matter on the individual and their Spirit Self, that are intimate and personal and should never tell the people around. The fundamental aspect of the Hindu philosophy is in the practical nature.
Below you will see the 7 aspects of each person’s life, which according to the Hindu philosophy, should stay secret.
1. Don’t Reveal Your Family Issues
Everything that happens in the family should stay in the family. Although you might see this as a relief, the final image that you put before them is that they’re more important than they actually are. You may not pay enough attention to it but the friends will create their judges based on what you told them, and they haven’t been in your family to really know the issue. This is no good for you and your family. The issues should stay in your home behind the doors.
2. Don’t Brag About Your Charitable Acts
Nobody likes a person who’s boasting around on what good did they did today. That will be always seen as fake in the eyes of the others no matter how much your put the opposite image for your persona. With saying your good deeds out loud, you are not making yourself better. People that boast with their charity are clearly those who are building up a certain image of themselves, and basically their acts don’t value as sincere, because they aren’t. Don’t be that person.
3. Don’t Tell Everything You Hear
In modern language, this is called “living for drama”. Why do you enter yourself with things that you’re not very certain if those are true, and even if they are good, why do you choose to talk around other people’s names and mention somebody else? Opening a conversation about others, especially in a negative, he said she said way will definitely ruin your reputation, and you bring trouble upon you.
4. Keep Your Spiritual Knowledge For Yourself
Spirituality is something that you should keep for yourself because of its fragile and intimate nature. It’s something very intimate that you gain and progress in it and it’s mostly described as a certain language that you and the Higher Consciousness communicate with. So, why would you sell that for attention and praising of the others? People will try to understand, but most of them won’t care or won’t understand. And you place yourself to be judged. If you are really Spiritual, this is the call of your ego. And you know what ego is, right?
5. Keep Your Projects To Yourself
This is also a very important one. Keeping the things to yourself will make you focus more on them and basically you won’t jinx yourself in the process. Speaking about these things will drain you energetically and you stray away from your goals. This is something that you don’t want to deal with. First finish them, and then talk about them.
6. Don’t Reveal Intimacies
There are specific things that should always stay personal. Whether this is your sex life, your problems with your loved ones, the kids, your daily activities and so on, should not be revealed. Those are very personal, and you’ll make other people feel uncomfortable in front of you. Making them uncomfortable listening to you, you’ll realize that there’s no point in revealing them.
7. Keep Your Heroic Acts To Yourself
Whatever heroic act that you did, you should be the one and the only one who’s being proud of. People won’t take this as you imagine them to take. This is very similar to n.2 in our list. You give away too much energy, and the good deed that you did, washes off as non-existent. The good karma goes away like it never happened. You should rather protect your energy field and work on doing more heroic acts, without the ego call to spill them out.
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