7 Times The People Of Florida Outshined The People Of Walmart WTF?

7. It's Called Fashion, Ever Heard Of It?
There are a lot of images that come out of Florida that are very interesting and strange, and this is one of them. I've seen a few pictures of adults in shopping carts in my day, but they've all been sitting inside the cart, that is, until I saw this woman. She takes being inside of a shopping cart to a whole new meaning. She's not just putting her body into the cart, but she's becoming one with the cart.
I can only guess that this cart isn't the most comfortable thing to wear — the disproportionate weight of it is probably not making it a good time to walk around, but this woman is still truckin' along. That's some dedication right there, or it could be the medications.

6. Fulfilling Their Last Wishes
In Florida, even funerals are different. Instead of transporting a casket to the cemetery in a hearse like normal people everywhere else, these people needed to latch it onto a motorcycle. For some people, motorcycles are life, and even in death they must ride one on their way to eternal slumber. The rush of the air as the motorcycle zooms down the road, all the bugs that get in your teeth, these are just a few of the things that this person may have enjoyed while they were living, but no longer do, even on their final motorcycle ride. I don't know why these people thought it would be a good idea to do this, considering that caskets are very heavy and would slow this thing down quite a bit, but here we are anyways.
5. I'd Like To Order A Staph Infection
At first glance, this picture just looks like three dudes making the best of the fact that Florida has flooded again, but if you think about it, this is a very bad idea. Since they live in Florida, they should know this more than anyone else, but flood water isn't the same as regular water. It's regular water mixing in with a lot of nasty stuff like sewage, garbage, and even graveyards, which makes it pretty dangerous to just float around in. They should've really just saved the tubing for the lake or the river because they're about to be too sick to do much of anything for quite a while.
On another note, I'm surprised that this fast food place is even open when the rest of the world is in an underwater crisis, but I guess that's just what minimum wage life is.

4. Her Trusty Steed
Almost nothing is strange in the state of Florida, but I feel like even some of the quirkiest Florida natives would have some questions about what's happening in this picture. They might be like me and think this was an actual zebra roaming around Florida, but it's just a mere horse painted like a zebra. Why this horse is painted like this, I have no idea. It might have been for some sort of show or it could have very well just been because the owner felt like it and wanted to paint their horse like a zebra. Whatever the case, this must have been quite a sight to see. There aren't many surprising things that could happen in Florida anymore, but seeing an animal native to Africa is still pretty unusual. If this was a person riding an alligator, though, that would be an entirely different story.
3. Bullet Hole Neck Tattoos
Neck tattoos are one kind of the tattoos that really aren't a good idea most of the time. It's even worse when the neck tattoo of choice is some nicely placed bullet holes. I understand that people in Florida are really into their guns, but why on Earth would you think that getting some tatted up neck holes would be a good idea? You're basically emulating how you'd look if you were dying. Aesthetics are a very personal thing, and maybe these bullet holes mean something to her, but after I keep looking at them, I'm just thinking they're a bad idea. What does she tell people when she explains her tattoos? Is there a story behind them, like a lost loved one, or does she really just like guns? I really can't tell.
2. The Bad Spelling Is The Scariest Part
People from Florida have a lot of stereotypes put upon them, but spelling and grammar is not one of them. Obviously this person is trying to be scary and intimidating by putting this warning sign on their property, but I personally can't be that afraid of someone who writes like that. This sign writes, "No tressass nothin hear worth dieing," and while it's still pretty clear what the message is, it's kind of hard to take this sign too seriously. Knowledge of the English language aside, I'm pretty doubtful of their assertion that there is nothing there on the property that is worth dying for, since most people who don't have anything of value don't threaten people with imminent death for coming into their property.

1. Not The Best Hair Replacement
Let's all be thankful that it's the trend for men who have started to bald a little bit to just go full-on bald instead of having that weird mushroom head all of our uncles had growing up. The thing is, though, is that when you decide to go bald it's kind of assumed that you're going to rock that bald look--contrary to popular belief most people look fine with it. The one thing that you shouldn't do is give yourself a new hairline, with burns and everything, in tattoo form. That's something that you can't escape from once you regret it. It's there on your head forever, and if you're already bald it's not like you can really hide it with hair, now can you? This is just overall a very bad mistake.
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