8 Images That Prove That Kids Provide Endless Entertainment

Anyone that has had the pleasure of having children can tell you that having kids is a full-time job. There is not a moment that you can relax or let your guard down until they are at least out of the toddler phase. Even when you think it's time to go to sleep it's not safe.
Haven't you ever heard the saying that if it's too quiet they are probably into something? Well, it couldn't be truer. I promise you, after you see these images you will know for sure that kids are full of crazy amounts of energy that most adults wish they could have.

Look mom, Dolly went potty.
This little girl was left alone to play for just a moment and in that time all heck broke loose. She completely TP'd the bathroom and one of her dolls is pretending to pray to the porcelain god. Either that or she is about to take a poo bath. Either way, that's going to be a heck of a cleanup job.
I am Spider-Man.
This kid is either possessed by a demon or he is about to become the real-life Spider-Man. This would probably be pretty shocking to walk in on but for this family, it's probably par for the course.

I will eat its brain!
The other children in this photo are completely shocked by the actions of this young fellow. Whatever he is doing he is well upon the path of being an evil genius.
Well this sucks.
The downside of kids being so adventurous is that they often get stuck in crazy situations. Take this kid right here. I am pretty sure he didn't plan on this happening when he decided to do it but here we are.
I shall have my Eggo's!
Kids are determined I will give them that much. If they want something and asking or throwing a temper tantrum doesn't get it for them they will often just go get it. Nevermind that you told them not to. They don't often think of the consequences.

I know how to share.
This little girl is showing advanced levels of sharing ability. Too bad that floor is probably absolutely filthy. The cats don't seem to mind though.
I didn't do it.
Nevermind that he's been caught red-handed. You will never be able to prove that he did it. Let this be a lesson to you that children should never have markers while they are not being watched.
This kid wanted to give himself a haircut so why not. This might seem bad but hey, hair grows back. So let him ruin his hair and then you just go behind him and shave the rest off. No harm, no foul.

Try not to laugh at these hilarious kids.
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