8 People Whose Day Is Going Much Worse Than Yours.

No matter how bad your day is going you can be sure that someone out there is having a worse day. Remember that when it feels like the whole world is against you.
Hopefully, these pictures will help you laugh about the things that are bringing you down and improve your day a little.

Stairs are dangerous.

One wrong step when descending a flight of stairs can spell disaster. Just check out this guy. This picture was snapped at the very moment where his life probably flashed before his eyes. Poor guy. I hope he ended up being alright.

Well crap...

This is totally unfortunate. Can you imagine walking to your car and going to open the door and this happening? It's a good thing that there are 3 other handles to help you gain entry. Otherwise, this would be even worse.

Time to take the perfect picture.

This lady just knew she was going to take the best picture ever against a magical background. The waves had other things in mind though. Now she's all wet.

Talk about bad luck.

Getting a flat tire is already bad enough but what on earth could this person have possibly done to earn this level of bad luck? I bet they were just about ready to just quit life at this point.

Don't be such a stick in the mud.

Let's go mudding they said, it will be a blast they said. I'm pretty sure all 3 of these guys are really regretting jumping in the SUV and going for a ride through the mud today. What an expensive screw-up. At least they are alive.

Of all the rotten luck.

This truck driver probably should have taken the advice printed on the side of his truck. It would have saved him from a very expensive accident that probably cost him his job. Any accident you can walk away from right?

What a heartbreaker.

This poor guy went all out for the love of his life. Unfortunately, she had other plans and left him high and dry. At least he's got a bunch of cool phones now.

Sometimes all you can do is cry.

In this situation crying is really the only thing that you can do. The car is gone but you are not. This lady was very unlucky but hopefully, this is as bad as it gets for her.
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