9 Incredible Ways To Use Things Differently!

Thinking different then others is known to be lateral thinking. However, there are many of the women who are very much intelligent, but only some of them can think differently and show up their creative solution.
So now come to the things that are kept at home and can be easily used individually. It can be used the different way than its usage. So far have a look on some of the things that are included in lateral thinking.

Your hair has blond highlights. But this time it is good at all to see your strips. So go for another method that can help. That is interesting and effective too. So pick up a bottle of ketchup and apply few spoons on your hair. Let it soak for half an hour. Even you can cover your hair with any plastic cover so that it does not stain. So now you would successfully remove this green stain. You can apply this method until you get rid of the unwanted color.

We have lots of toys of our childhood which are no more in use. So these can be reused as like decorating a tree with them in your garden to make it beautiful. Toys are so decorative and attracting that people who visit you would rush to the garden side that is being filled with toys. Old brick sets can be wedged together and be used as crucial stand or umbrella stand and even cell phone seat.

Binder clips are mainly used in office, but it can also be used many other places that we haven’t thought anytime. You can use it to clip wires which are tangled or even cut that at the edge of the table. This thing is used for people, who have lots of charging cables.

We can use the rake in case of hanging on it because its talons are so hard that they do not break. So tight it upside down and then use it. Even we can hang things like bags, necklace, key and all.

You can use olive oil in case of making your shoes more darker than there natural color. Brush olive oil over your boot. More olive oil more is the color obtained. It is also useful for leather.

So many of you have tried smashing nail with the hammer and even. Got hurt by hitting of hammer on your nail. So here is the solution, use cloth pin and handle nail with this. Then hammer on it and in this, you would also not get hurt.

The muffin tin is too cute to see, and these are used at home. So now its time, take it out when you go for any picnic, and these can be used by putting sauces, dips or sprinkles over it.

So these sticks can be used in another way that is during dinner when you light candles than use these stick to light candles. So that you can prevent your palm from scorching.

So mainly Vicks Vaporub is used for applying on chest or nose during a cold or a cough. So now its time for its another use that is getting a massage gently on your feet. You would find it relaxing. Even it protects your legs from mosquitoes.
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