9 Reasons Why Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us Than We Think

When you come into an airport it is like you have just come into some other country. There are thousands of regulations and secrets. And this is totally fine because airports are nothing other than border crossings…
but with metal detectors and thousands of other precaution measures. Well, we did a little research and actually found out something only airport employees know and you (probably) didn't know.

They can see you naked

You probably feel awkward when security has to search you at the entrance of some club, and you feel relaxed while standing in front of those scanners at the airport… well, this will catch you off guard.
You should know that some airports have special scanners that can show you naked. If the airport security asks you to lift your hands while walking through some scanner, that's the one. It is even called the "Naked Scanner".

They are trained to analyze your behavior.

Have you ever watched the TV series called "Lie To Me"? Well in that series, the main character is someone whose main purpose is to analyze the behavior of suspicious people. This kind of people is called profilers. They analyze your every move, gesture, mimic, etc. They are basically walking-talking lie detectors. If they notice that you are acting suspiciously they can invite you for inspection. And you don't want to be invited to inspection at any airport.
Their most common question is, "What is the purpose of your visit?".

They know how aggressive you are

Bigger airports usually have special cameras that can read your body heat and some other parameters. They are programmed in that way to detect if you are drunk, under the influence of some drugs, or just nervous. They mark you as red and alarm the security.

They can't know if your luggage is in some different country

We usually get our luggage dirtier than what we remember it to be. You know, baggage is sorted automatically based on the barcode on that luggage. Sometimes, you forgot to tear off the old sticker, guys at the airport read that code and send your luggage to some other country. That is only one of the most common causes.

Dogs Check Our Bags

Dogs can detect almost any contraband. That is why your luggage doesn’t only come through digital scanners but also these… analog ones.

They cook food 24/7

Airports and airplanes always have food. That is because most airports have giant kitchens where the food for passengers and employees is cooked. And they don't only cook for one company, but for all companies that do business at their airport.

The Air Traffic Control controls planes when they are in the air and when they are parked on the ground

You thought that traffic control only sees those planes that are in the air, but you are wrong. They can control all the planes that are grounded too. One of the dispatchers has 5 monitors that show all kinds of data, from GPS positions to weather info.

They don't care if your visa is for some other country

If you arrive at some country and upon departure, someone notices that your visa has expired you will be instantly deported by the same company at the expense of the person that let you into the plane.

They actually know what you have held in your hands

When an airport staff asks you to rub your hands on some fabric, it means that they are going to check the smell of your hands. They actually have a special machine which is called atomizer (and no, it can't detect food ingredients – this is not the Star Trek). At the beginning of the workday security officers put samples of dangerous chemicals into that detector and teach it what to search for during that day. If it detects something, it alerts the officers. Simple as that.
9 Reasons Why Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us Than We Think 9 Reasons Why Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us Than We Think Reviewed by 1 on April 22, 2018 Rating: 5
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