5 American Celebs Who Might Need Acting Lessons From The Brits

Steven Frederic Seagal is a film producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and actor. He has starred in some of the most known movies out there, but that doesn’t mean that his acting has aged in a graceful manner at all.
This is also quite evident from the numerous comments that people have made about his acting style, which makes us believe that he could’ve seriously used some acting lessons back then. While performing in front of the screen, it is expected that the person performs according to the desired role and chooses different styles, however, all of the movies that Seagal did so far are the same and we don’t find much difference in his roles. On the other hand, the Brits are quite catchy and entertaining when it comes to performing a specific role.

So, let us talk about the one and only, the legendary, Tommy Wiseau. A guy who set out on a mission against traditional Hollywood by directing, producing, and then, even starring in his own film, The Room. It turned out to be so bad that it is said to be perhaps the worst movie of all time, but all of this notoriety has allowed the film to develop a cult following around it. It made such a name, however, that James Franco ended up making a movie about it called The Disaster Artist and even won an award, starring as Wiseau himself. Maybe if Wiseau had taken some acting lessons back in the day, he might’ve had a chance at a successful acting and maybe a directing career but then, we might’ve never had a chance to see the gem that is The Room.
Julia Fiona Roberts is a producer and American actress, who has been nominated for a number of awards and is another celebrity who ended up gaining most of her fame simply because she is beautiful and her looks have made people drool all over the world. As far as her acting is concerned, she is just another overly recognized celebrity who seems to be in the industry just because she has made a position for herself there. Similar to many other names on this list, Roberts has starred in numerous films yet, despite this, few of them were very memorable or amazing box office hits. Perhaps some acting lessons would’ve helped her out here as well but it is her choice at the end of the day.
LisaRaye McCoy, also known as LisaRaye, is one of the most famous American actresses, as well as a fashion designer, model, and businesswoman. She had played roles in a number of movies and is famously known from the film, Armstrong, released in 1998, for portraying Diana "Diamond." Despite playing such a famous character she doesn’t seem to progress beyond that character. She has been in the game since 1995 but still, not much evolution is seen in her work, which has forced people to even say that she needs to do more than attach her name to at least compel them to keep watching her movies or shows. For her, a better approach might be to take some notes from her British counterparts.

Columbus Keith Short, Jr. is an American singer, choreographer, and actor. He is best-known for the roles that he did in films like Armored, Stomp the Yard, The Losers, and Cadillac Records. His role in Stomp the Yard was so amazing and staggering that it made the people think and even believe that this upcoming talent of the industry was perched and positioned on the precipice of stardom. But all those hopes of the fans were shattered and any notions of Short becoming a legendary actor were killed when his roles were seen in The Losers and Death at a Funeral. So, let’s just hope that he rebounds with another role, more specifically, after taking some good acting lessons because that is something he definitely needs.
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