Animals With Rare Color Patterns You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. Piebald Deer Fawn
Most deer fawns are a certain shade of tan or brown. This fawn is the exception. It actually has a genetic condition called piebaldism. It causes the deer to have patches of unpigmented skin and hair in some areas while other areas have pigment.

2. Piebald Python
This is one of the rarest snakes in the world. There are many albino pythons slithering around in the world. This python is only partially albino. There aren’t too many of these snakes in existence, therefore, the closest that most people will ever get to seeing one is in a photo like this one.

3. The Blonde Elk
Most elks aren’t considered to be beautiful. They are strong creatures, but they aren’t known for their beauty. This elk is the exception. It is not brown like most elks. It is blonde. This is a very rare feature.
4. The Bicolored Peacock
Peacocks are known for their amazingly bright colors when they open up their feathers. This is one of the most unique peacocks in the world. One side of his feathers are white and the other side has blue circles with green, red, and black inside. This particular bird is one of a kind.

5. The Blue Lobster
Lobster is a delicacy that most people love. If you were to come across the blue lobster, it would be a crime to cook it. It is a very rare find. There aren’t too many blue lobsters swimming around in the ocean. If you come across one in your lobster trap, you should leave it. It is far too beautiful to eat. According to scientists, one in every two million lobsters is blue. Their coloring is caused by his inability to produce enough of a certain protein.
6. The Erythistic Badger
This isn’t your typical badger. It has a rare condition called erythrism, which causes an unusual reddish coloring in the animal’s fur. This is a very rare condition, therefore, most badgers that you will see outdoors won’t have this condition. However, if you do happen to see one, they are absolutely amazing.
7. The Erythristic Black Backed Jackal
The black-backed jackal is described in its name. This particular jackal, however, if very rare. He has an unusual condition that makes his fur look red. This is an amazing creature, however, if you ever run into one, you should go the other way. This animal is as mean as it is beautiful.

8. The Rottweiler With Vitiligo
This is one of the strangest looking Rottweilers that you will ever see. He has a condition called vitiligo. It causes parts of the fur and skin to lack pigment. The cells that are responsible for pigmentation are either unable to function or they die. He looks like he is dusted in snow but it is actually the color of his coat.
9. The Pink Dolphin
This dolphin more than deserves its place on the list of animals with rare color patterns you won’t believe are real. Most dolphins are a bluish/gray color. This dolphin is pink. Most people will go their entire lives without ever seeing this amazing creature. It is found in the Amazon River and it is born blueish/gray just like a typical dolphin. As it gets older, its skin becomes translucent, which allows the blood to show through. This is the reason for its pink color.
10. The Brown Panda
If you ever wanted to see a live Teddy Bear, the brown panda is the closest you will ever get. Most pandas are black and white. The brown panda is extremely rare and is only seen in the Qinling region. This is why his scientific name is the Qinling bear. Scientists believe that his fur is brown because of his environment and recessive genes. He is an amazing creature.
11. The Brown Striped Zebra
Most zebras are black and white. Most have stripes, however, it is possible for a zebra to have a unique pattern. The most unique type of zebra is the brown striped zebra. Most zebras have black skin, however, the zebras with brown stripes have brown skin under their fur.

12. Venus the Chimera Cat
This cat is absolutely amazing. This breed is also very rare. The reason that this cat is so rare is because it was originally twins in the mother’s womb. Before birth, the two cats fused together to create one single cat with very distinctive features. If you look at the cat in this photo, you will see that it looks like two completely different cats.
13. The Chimera Parakeet
The cat isn’t the only type of animal that can be a Chimera. This parakeet has the characteristics of two completely different birds. Like the cat, these birds are very rare.
14. The Orange Alligator
If you have ever seen an alligator, you would know that they are a greenish brown. This alligator is amazing. So far there have only been a few that have been discovered. Scientists believe that environmental influences can change the color of their skin.
15. The Pink Grasshopper
The pink grasshopper is very rare, but it does exist. Unfortunately, this grasshopper rarely reaches adulthood. This is due to its bright pink color. Most grasshoppers are green, so they can camouflage themselves with the grass and the leaves. Since the pink grasshopper is so conspicuous, it is easy for predators to find him.

16. The Leopard Found in India
This particular leopard was spotted in India and its coat is absolutely amazing. Most leopards have the same general pattern throughout their entire body. This leopard has different patterns and colors all over. He is very rare and no other leopard like him has been spotted since.
17. The Spotless Cheetah
All cheetahs have spots with the exception of this one. This cheetah was only seen once and so far, scientists believe that it is the only one of its kind. It is believed that this cheetah doesn’t have pigment in its skin and fur, which has deprived him of his spots.
18. The Purple Polar Bear
This purple polar bear’s name is Pelusa and she is found in an Argentinian zoo. Many people think that this photo has been Photoshopped because of the bear’s bright, vivid color. She was actually treated for a skin condition, and it caused her fur to change from white to purple. Even though the color isn’t natural, it is still an amazing sight.
19. The Purple Squirrel Named Pete
This squirrel isn’t your typical squirrel. He was found in Stubbington, Hampshire in England at the Meoncross School. The reason for his purple coloring is unknown, however, he is definitely one of a kind.

20. The Black Rooster and the Golden Horse
These two animals are absolutely amazing. They aren’t found on the same farm, but they have colors and patterns that are so unique, you never see anything else like it.
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