Bad Health Habits All Girls Are Guilty of, And What to Do With Them

Sometimes we are so engaged with our daily routines that we are unable to give the proper attention to our own body and mind. There are certain habits that we do not even think about any more but it keeps affecting us in more than one ways often detrimental to our health.
Our social life, school, careers and activities pertaining to our personal and professional growth makes us overlook such habits but in the long run it does affect us. Following are few such habits which are most commonly present in girls which they need to change or overcome.

Snacking all the time
This is a common problem and we often unwittingly stuff ourselves with so many calories that no amount of exercise or training would balance it out. This habit is borne out of the craving we get when we are surfing the net or watching a movie.
There is this unavoidable desire to munch on something to enhance the experience of watching a movie or any other activity. This eating from time to time upsets our digestion and often times the ingredients used in the manufacturing of snacks is harmful for our health.

To overcome this challenge of craving fast food and snacks all the time, make sure you do not have any such food at home. If it is not easily available you will go for other options to address your hunger.
Apart from this keep a water bottle by your side and keep on drinking little water from time to time. This will definitely make you feel full most of the time and prevent you from craving the munchies. This will also help you keep yourself well hydrated which is also good for health.

Not washing off make up before going to bed

Not removing make-up before going to bed leads to clogging of pores, eye irritation and premature aging but often times we are just too lazy to do it. The best hack to defeat the laziness is to make a habit of taking a brief shower before going to bed. In addition to this the mascara stains on your pillow and bed sheet and the resulting need of doing laundry will make you think twice about changing this habit.

Not paying attention to your posture while working at computer

This could lead to pain in the spine and back aches more often. This would drive you to take corrective action because you will be more bothered with taking the pain killers than doing something about your posture. You could start doing some exercises for the back, practice yoga and try to remember to adopt a more medically appropriate posture while working in front of your computer screens. There are also orthopedic pillows available to address this problem.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes

You may not think of this much at the time but in the long run your feet would be miserable. Take care of selecting the shoes that are more functional and fit your feet well. Heels are not meant to be worn most of the time so avoid them for everyday use and only take them out for special occasions.

Not using sunscreen

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