Beginning Of A Relationship Vs. One Year Later

Relationships are a funny thing. In the beginning, it’s a thrill ride full of emotion. As time goes by, our trust and endurance are tested. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows love isn’t easy. The first few months, your partner is pure perfection …
then you realize he or she is FAR from perfect. This point in the relationship presents a fork in the road. Should you stay with the person? Or is it time to let go?
The following examples compare what each activity is like in the beginning and a year later…prepare to nod your yes, yes, yes…

1 Texting in the beginning

We are so happy to be texting in the beginning of a relationship. Every time your phone buzzes, you jump across the room to grab it off the charger. There’s no limit on how many texts your partner can send you in the beginning. It’s only natural to want all the attention in the world.
2 Texting one year later
We are annoyed! Sometimes we text too much every day, and it drives us crazy. Once a relationship is established, it’s important to give each other some space. You don’t need to know what your boo is doing every minute of every day. One year into a healthy relationship, there should be trust.

3 Eating in the beginning
We try to look our best and still look cute while eating in the beginning of a relationship, we don’t want to gross them out! Some people may act like they are vegetarian and stick to a strictly healthy diet with exercise…yeah…right! When we go out to dinner, we have the best manners, and there’s still some tension in the beginning.
4 Fast forward one year…
We don’t CARE! You can eat all the food in front of me like a wild animal, that’s what happens when you get too comfortable. It’s not uncommon for both partners in a relationship to gain some weight after one year together. Working out at the gym seems to fall off our radars and pigging out after a night out drinking is common.

5 Underwear in the beginning
Always gotta look your hottest, you never know when the time will strike! The best panties and undies are always broken out in the beginning. When it comes time to get undressed, no one wants to have on old underwear. Dress to impress in the beginning.
6 One year later
Where did those granny panties come from?? Then you unveil your beloved granny panties to your beloved boyfriend, while he wears his ripped up pair of boxers from high school. The trick here is to throw those old panties and undies in the garbage when your partner isn’t looking.

7 Cuddling
GIMME SOME SPACE! Too much cuddling drives me crazy, and I get sweaty!! In the beginning, men love to hold their babies throughout the night, and women love to be held. Then the tides begin to turn about 6 months into the relationship. There’s maybe a five-minute cuddle session then both partners roll over. You may even start going to bed at different times during the night.

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