Busted! 5 Snapchats That Caught These People Red-Handed

Quoting the greatest movie ever made, Spider-Man: "With great power comes great responsibility." In this case, the great power is Snapchat and the responsibility is knowing how to use it properly so that nobody can tell that you're using it.
It's also important that you be careful about what you do in public because anyone can take a snap of you at any time. Photo-sharing apps have made the world a little bit funnier, but have made things more dangerous. On all sides of the camera, it's easy to make a fool of yourself, so you have to be careful. These people, bless their souls, were not very careful against their great Snapchat adversary and have thus ended up making a fool of themselves for everyone to see.

The Teacher May Not Know, But I Do
One of the cool things about college is that you're allowed to use computers in a large lecture hall and pretend to be paying attention and taking notes while doing anything but that. People do the weirdest things when they think nobody is watching, but the truth is that there's usually someone watching. While the professor can't see what goes on on the other side of the screen, everyone behind this kid can. Of course, painting Bob Ross pictures on MS Paint is pretty innocent and pretty adorable considering everything else that people have caught on other people's laptops in public. The one thing I do have to say about this, though, is that it looks like this guy isn't all that great at painting.
Sorry, Still Single
Some people are so forever alone that they start having to do things to try and pretend like they haven't been that single for that long. You know, totally normal things like buying an oversized men's hoodie to pretend like your fake boyfriend gave it to you, or surrounding yourself in weighted blankets and body pillows to give yourself the illusion that you're not all by yourself every night. This guy took his singleness to Snapchat to try and convince everyone he's got a significant other by taking a photo of himself sleeping. It was almost foolproof considering both his hands are showing in the picture, so it has to be someone else who took it. Too bad for him, a mirror got in the way and exposed him for the liar he is.

There are two ways to snap people: the first is to look really cute and sexy, and the second is to look as disgusting as possible. Considering the fact that boys don't talk to me and the other fact that I look pretty gross naturally, I'm only ever doing the second one. I make the effort to make the nastiest faces in private so that nobody but the person I'm sending the pictures to would ever know that my face could look like that. This girl did not get that memo and started Snapchatting ridiculous pictures of herself in public. And unbeknownst to her, someone took a snap of her snapping. Also included is the face of the guy next to her who also looks confused by her. It has come full circle and that's why technology is bad, everyone.
Caught By The Police
Sometimes when you're all alone in a room, you feel safe enough to pull out your phone and take weird pictures of yourself to send to your friends. The thing is though, that when you're in a public area, you're never truly alone for all that much time. As soon as this kid opened up the app to start taking silly pictures, a policeman walks in to check on the room, suddenly getting in his shot. Maybe he intended to get the police guy in the picture without him knowing, but he ended up turning his head at the right time. Of course nothing happened after that awkward interaction, but it's one of those things that just makes you feel weird for the rest of the day. The solution: stop taking weird selfies.

Rookie Mistake
This person has to be real bad at Snapchat to manage getting noticed in this situation. For one, it's a lot easier (though not 100% foolproof) to take a subtle snap of someone using the back camera and not taking a selfie. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that Snapchat usually defaults with the flash off, which means that this person really had to mess up. This guy was far enough away from them—and also not paying attention—so they could have gotten away with a stealth picture, except for the fact that everything went horribly wrong. They could have just played it off as nothing. Or that they weren't the one taking flash photography, but seeing the second and third snaps in this saga would make me believe this was handled a lot less smoothly. With that kind of massive mistake, I'm afraid that this person will have to skip their appointment and leave town forever.
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