Cats Are Unique Because They Are Solid And Liquid At The Same Time

Cats are some of the coolest animals out there. Some are very chill while others are pretty rambunctious but they all are amazing little balls of fur and ingenuity. They say that anywhere a cat can fit its head it can fit into and these cats will show you that this is the absolute truth.

Bowling for kitty.
This kitty is having a blast fitting itself into this fishbowl. Silly cat there are no fish in there. I guess it's just content with doing its best water impression.

It's a kittyfall.
This kitty is showing us all just how easily they can flow down a set of stairs as if it was water rushing down the side of a waterfall. How cool.
I am not amused.
This kitty has stuffed itself into this plastic container and doesn't look too happy about it. Silly cat, you did it to yourself.
No, it's not a snake.
This cat appears to be melting. I have never seen anything this crazy before in my life. Maybe it's part snake. That would explain a lot.

You can't see me.
As this cat rests inside of this plastic shelf all I can think is what a silly look it has on its face. I told you, cats are just too cool.
Double your please, double your fun.
What's more fun than one liquid kitty? Why, two liquid kitties of course. Aren't they just adorable? I wonder how they plan to get out of this mess.
It's a puddle.
This fat cat doesn't have a care in the world as it sits out in the sun just soaking in the rays. If only our lives could be that peaceful.

There is a clog in the sink.
No, it's not that kind of clog, it's a massive hairball clogging up the sink. This cat is just relaxing, minding its own business and can't be bothered to deal with your nonsense.
I love pretzels.
This kitty couldn't wait to get some of these pretzels. As soon as the jar was opened it dived right in. Yummy.
Leave me be, human.
This cat just wants to be left alone in its container. I don't understand why because it doesn't look that comfortable.
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