Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Techniques For Curing In 5 Minutes!

The Japanese have been using tactics of alternative healing methods for centuries. This one technique will save your time and will make you thank the Japanese for their life hack, which only takes 5 minutes!

Healing art

This Japanese method is known as Jin shin Jitsu . It is an ancient form of a Japanese healing art, which restores the emotional balance with the help of the stimulation of certain points on the fingers.

Amazing benefits

This healing treatment is based on the belief that each finger is linked to two body organs, and the stimulation of the proper points on them not only improves physical but also emotional health.
This gives amazing benefits and this is how it works; to mark a certain internal organ, you should just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and hold it tightly for 3-5 minutes. Breathe deeply and afterwards, massage all fingers on both hands for about three minutes. Easy, right?


The thumb is linked to your stomach and spleenwort. When you spot symptoms like skin issues, nervousness, headaches, stomach pain massage your thumb, because that is control of the organs causing the pain.
The thumb also controls emotions such as depression and anxiety

Index finger

The index finger is linked to kidneys and urinary bladder.If you ever have a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, digestion issues, target your index finger.
It also controls emotions like, fear, confusion, disappointment

Middle finger

The middle finger is linked to your liver and yolky bitter. So whenever you suffer from a migraine, tiredness, circulation problems, menstrual pain, frontal headaches target your middle finger.
This finger also controls emotions such as, anger, indetermination, irritability.

Ring finger

The ring finger is more useful than just wearing a ring on it. It is linked to your lungs and large intestine. Whenever you suffer from digestion issues, asthma, respiratory problems, skin disease, get that ring off your finger and massage it.
The emotions it controls are sadness, fear, negativity.


Your little pinkie finger is more useful than you think it is. It linked to your heart and small intestine. So, next time you spot symptoms of bone issues, heart disease, throat pain, target that little pinkie finger and massage it.
The emotions that this finger controls includes worry, nervousness, absence of self-confidence
Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Techniques For Curing In 5 Minutes! Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Techniques For Curing In 5 Minutes! Reviewed by 1 on April 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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