Hilarious Face Swaps That Will Make Your Day

Face swaps are pretty much the greatest thing ever. We all have Snapchat and photoshop to thank for this awesome blessing. Check out some of the funniest swaps you will ever see.

The nose knows.
This swap is far from cute. The baby looks a little creepy now with a nose for a face. Don't you agree? Totally shudder-inducing.

You're a real tough cookie.
Now, this is the stuff of nightmares. What on earth possessed her to replace her face with a cookie. It's just not natural. The cookie does look kind of funny at least.
A wrinkle in time.
This lady uses way too much makeup. How do we know? Because when her face is swapped with her neck all you see are wrinkles and kin that is a totally different color.
Totally adorable.
This father and daughter are the cutest things you will see today. Just look at it. How can you not be overcome by cuteness?

Top of the morning to you.
In this one, the dad totally looks like an evil leprechaun when he replaces his sons face. Don't you agree?
No thank you.
This one could be cute but the dad just looks terrifying while he's standing in for his little girl's cute face. Some swaps are better left undone.
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