How to Cure a Stomach Ache

There are several minor illnesses that regularly plague us at several turns in our lives. While a stomachache may be one of the lesser health worries, they can prevent us from fully enjoying our plans. Luckily there are several ways to deal with stomach aches right at home.

Not only can one treat stomach aches, but also take steps to prevent them. If one reads up on these, they can avoid this difficulty altogether. Knowledge can enhance our health as well as give us a lot of control over our everyday routine. So read on and find out how to handle these pesky troubles:

9. Empty it Out

The most common reason for a problematic stomach is something you ate. If you experience a gurgling in your stomach, visit the bathroom first of all. There is nothing better for a troublesome stomach than lightening its burden. You would probably feel better just by emptying out what’s troubling you.
If you are feeling some pain in your abdomen or general nausea, sit on the toilet and pull your knees to your chest. This may make things a bit easier. Don’t try to force anything; otherwise, you could end up giving yourself more problems.
If you notice some blood in your stool, don’t ignore it. This is a cause for immediate medical help. Call up a doctor or get yourself to an emergency department as soon as possible.

8. Warming Up

If it is possible, apply a warm compress or a hot water bottle to your stomach. This could help your insides to relax and deal with any tensed muscles. If you are experiencing cramps, there is little better than heat to do away with the pain.
If you don’t have a compress, bottle, or electric blanket, fold a thick piece of cloth. Run a hot iron over it a few times, and press it into your belly. Alternatively, you could also put some raw rice or beans into an old sock or pillowcase. Tie it up and microwave for one to two minutes. You now have a homemade warm compress for your aches and pains.

7. Touch Those Toes

A little bit of exercise can do wonders in stretching out those muscles and relaxing your body. By standing up and attempting to touch your toes, you could help with any sort of indigestion. This is because the movement would release the gases that have built up in your abdomen.
There are also other exercises you can do in order to relive your stomach of certain pains. For instance, you could raise your feet while lying down. This would again relax your stomach region and do away with the discomfort of trapped gas. Another option is to put your knees to your chest and rock yourself.

6. Throw it All Up

If you feel like throwing up, do so by all means. Your body is usually a good judge of what should and should not be inside it. Don’t fight nausea, but give in to it as soon as possible. Some people have an unnecessary fear of vomiting, but almost everyone feels better after they do.
You may be feeling this way because of some food causing havoc within you. You could have taken on some bad bacteria or viruses. It may even be a case of food poisoning. Whatever the case, don’t hold back.
If you find yourself vomiting every single day or multiple times visit a doctor. This could be the sign of something more serious. If you feel nauseated but just can’t seem to throw up, try a different tactic. Chewing soda crackers, drinking a carbonated drink or other remedies are available for easing that strange feeling. If you do vomit, be sure to rehydrate as quickly as possible. The electrolytes in coconut water are excellent in such cases.

5. Deal With Inflammation

Your stomach pain may be a sign of inflammation on the inside. As mentioned above, applying heat to that area may greatly help in such cases. However, you may want to go the extra mile by running a hot bath. Sit down in this and make the water as hot as you can manage to bear. Pour in some bubble bath, and relax!
The heat would hopefully alleviate your pain by relaxing your muscles and soothing the inflammation. You may also want to throw in a couple of cups of Epsom salt for better results. In around fifteen to twenty minutes, you may start feeling better. Just don’t let the water get too cold.

4. Massage Yourself

You don’t need an expert masseuse when you’ve got your own two hands. In this case, a self-massage might come in handy for soothing a painful stomach. You may be feeling that pain due to muscles constructing with your belly. Try pressing your hand on your stomach, back, or where you think the pain is coming from. You may want to apply a bit more pressure if it gives relief on a certain spot.
Some people also assert that a proper foot massage can do wonder in relieving the rest of the body from pain. You may want to look this up. Some areas of the feet, when massaged and rubbed, could relax the muscles in various part of the body, especially the abdomen.
Take care to brat properly when you’re missing, though. This involves taking in oxygen through your nose and exhaling through the mouth. Take long, deep breaths in order to do away with stress. Focusing on breathing would also take your mind off the pain and give you relief much more quickly.

3. Tea Always Helps

A cup of tea (or two!) could be very relaxing in times like these. Go for relaxing teas such as chamomile or ginger concoctions. These are herbal teas which wouldn’t irritate your stomach lining with caffeine. Steer clear of black, oolong, and green tea for now. The same goes for coffee. Keep it mild as much as you can.
Ginger tea would improve your digestion and chamomile would serve to soothe your nerves. Alternatively, you can also peppermint tea or simply chew a few mint leaves after boiling them.

2. Calming with Baking Soda

We would recommend you to avoid medication unless it is absolutely unavoidable. In any case, most antacids that you can buy have baking soda as the main ingredient. Making your own remedy from baking soda at home should give you the same benefits.
You can do this by making a mixture of baking soda and plain water. Al you need is about one tablespoon in one glass of water. The water should be warm, not cold. Sip this concoction, but not too quickly. You can take another glass after a couple of hours until you feel better.

1. The Ubiquitous Apple Cider

There is probably little that apple cider vinegar cannot help with. You may be tired of hearing this title as a natural remedy for many minor illnesses. However, there is no denying its usefulness.
For consuming, apple cider vinegar should be as natural as possible. Don’t just pick up any bottle at the grocery store. Go for the raw, unpasteurized version, one that has enzymes and good bacteria. These are amazing for getting your intestinal system back on track.
Always be sure to drink apple cider vinegar after diluting it. put two or three tablespoons in room temperature water after warming it a little. You may find it hard to swallow, but it can do wonders for your nausea.
The above treatments may solve the problem of a stomach ache in a pinch. However, one should be aware that a stomach ache could also be a symptom of a more serious illness.
If you are experiencing such a high level of pain that you can’t manage to sit up, be sure to visit the A&E. You should also be sure to see a doctor if you’re feeling nausea, having blood in your vomit or stool, or any other worrisome symptom.
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