Have you ever seen a hedgehog dog, flowers in the shape of a skull, or ghost bikers? No? Well, get ready to see them now. We are presenting you with photos of ’miracles’ that happened because of unusual angles, playing with light or shadows, and our imagination.

“Mom! Can I play for 5 more minutes please?”

“My boss’s door looks like it has Donnie Darko rabbits on it.”

“I found a stone that looks like a mini planet.”

“My washing machine has a happy man on the back.”

How do you unsee a robot with teeth?

It seems these buildings were built using 2D technologies.

What a cute doggy...

What slim legs she has! Wait a second...

Bikers and their ghosts

Unusual hedgehog: sometimes it barks and comes to the name Marley.

Nothing special — just pipes, so many pipes.

“My dog’s flopped-over ear looks like the face of a baboon.”

Flowers are giving hints that they’ve already died.

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