Movie Sequels That Thankfully Never Happened (Some That Ruined A Franchise)

There have been a lot of successful sequels that are critically acclaimed, but there are FAR more sequels that completely bombed.

After being stuck in developmental hell for roughly 25 years, Spider-Man was released on May 3, 2002 and starred Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. It was a box office success and was praised as “redefining the superhero genre”. The critically acclaimed sequel, Spider-Man 2, released in 2004, is often considered one of the best superhero films of all time. However, the legacy of the franchise came crashing down with the third film. Spider-Man 3 was released on May 4, 2007 and was poorly received by fans and critics. The film was criticized for having too many villains. In particular, fans were outraged over the use of classic Spider-Man villain Venom. A fourth film was scheduled for 2011 but was cancelled, putting an end to Sam Raimi’s franchise. Instead the studio attempted to reboot the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man, which was then cancelled in favor of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

For years fans have wondered what happened to the nerd, the princess, the jock, the basket-case and the criminal after high school. As it turns out, director John Hughes often asked himself that question too. The Breakfast Club was released on February 15, 1985 to rave reviews. It revolved around five teenagers of different social classes that are forced to spend the day together in detention. Its popularity continues to grow and it is one of the most cherished coming of age films. Prior to his death, Hughes had toyed with the idea of revisiting one of his many classic films. He did come up with an idea for a sequel to The Breakfast Club, however it never went beyond that. The sequel would have revisited the characters ten years later and shown how their lives turned out. Eventually the project lost steam and Hughes moved on from the idea.
If the sequel fails to meet the standard of the first, chances are a third film will do no better. The critically and commercially acclaimed The Hangover was released on June 5, 2009. The film revolved around a bachelor party in Las Vegas gone wrong and three friends searching for the missing groom. It was a big success and is one of the highest grossing R-rated movies. A sequel, The Hangover Part II, was released on May 26, 2011 to negative reviews. It has a 33 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which described the sequel as "A crueler, darker, raunchier carbon copy of the first instalment.” Despite the lack of success of the second film, a third film was already in the works. The Hangover Part III was released on May 23, 2013 to even harsher reviews than the second. It was a dismal failure at the box office and permanently tarnished the legacy of the first film.

In the early 80’s, the entire universe fell in love with the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Steven Spielberg directed the film, which was released on June 11, 1982. It was a massive hit and major success at the box office. In fact, it was the highest grossing film for 11 years. It revolved around a young boy, Elliot, who befriends an alien and helps him return home. E.T. is regarded as a classic film and one of the greatest. Due to its enormous success, Spielberg quickly started work on a treatment for a sequel, which would have been titled E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears. The sequel would have revolved around aliens kidnapping Elliot and E.T. being the only one that can save him. Spielberg considered the plot to be too dark and admitted that sequels can be “dangerous.” He also said, “I think a sequel to E.T. would do nothing but rob the original of its virginity.”
Jaws is considered one the greatest films of all time. The plethora of disappointing sequels nearly tarnished the legacy of the first. Steven Spielberg directed Jaws, which was released on June 20, 1975. It was a massive financial and critical success. It’s widely regarded as the first true summer blockbuster. Jaws 2 was released in 1978 but was met with mixed reviews. Regardless, it’s considered the best of the sequels. Jaws 3 was released on July 22, 1983 and was met with an overwhelming negative response. It should be considered the worst film in the franchise but that honor goes to the final film, Jaws: The Revenge, released on July 1, 1987. The film currently holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which describes the movie as "Illogical, tension-free and filled with cut-rate special effects, Jaws 4 - The Revenge is a sorry chapter in a once-proud franchise."

The Godfather trilogy is one of the most beloved film series of all time. The Godfather (1972) is regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. The second film is critically acclaimed as well, although the final film received mixed reviews. Director Francis Ford Coppola admitted that he never wanted to continue with the series but Paramount pushed him to do more. The studio wanted to do a fourth film for years and at one point, Coppola even considered it. He began working on a script with author Mario Puzo. The structure was similar to The Godfather Part II (1974), as it would follow two parallel stories. One part would revolve around Vincent Corleone (Andy Garcia) and the other around a young Sonny Corleone. Leonardo DiCaprio was considered to play a young Sonny. However, plans fell through when Puzo died, although the studio is still considering a fourth film.
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