North Korea has been working on its armed forces for decades even though there have been alarming threats by the US the neighbors.
The agenda put forward by Kim Jong-un for the defense is actually an attack stance. It has been verified by the UN as well as the most of the countries of the world that these missiles tests, by such an outrageous policies might not end up too well, especially for those near North Korea.
The five nuclear tests by North Korea have left the US quite concerned since numerous threats have been given to South Korea as well. Moreover, since the recent change of events and Trump’s reforms, North Korea has started to question the armed strength.
The leadership of US might not be able to withstand the threat since aggressive nature of leadership has been observed. With aggressors on both ends, its might not be all rainbows and unicorns for a long time. Trump, with his Syrian reforms and Afghanistan attacks, has been clearly telling the world the capability US possesses. It all depends on whether the show of armor is purposeful or rather a threat to those who question it.
With the nuclear tests at both ends, it seems that the situation would be kept at bay but Kim Jong-Un leadership usually tests US and the neighbors. In the current scenario and leadership of the adjoining countries, this might not have fruitful result.

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