People Who Can Safely Say That Today Just Isn't Their Day

No one is immune to having a bad day. Everyone is due to have one eventually. More often than not you will have more bad days than good days. These people's bad days, however, have exceeded the typical amount of bad and gone to a new transcendent level of bad. Sometimes life is so bad that all you can do is laugh about it. I bet these people did.

Hope you have a backup job.
This truck driver is experiencing every truckers worst nightmare. All that merchandise just was strewn all over the road. He's definitely going to get fired for this and somebody just got a bunch of free frozen pizza.
Gosh darn it!
This pot was obviously not made sturdy enough to handle the weight it contained. Now dinner is all over the floor. Stupid handle breaking off. Grr.

Bad parking spot.
Of all the rotten luck these two people just had to park there on the day that the sign was going to give out. These things just happen. No one can plan for or expect it.
Somebody is in trouble.
Whoever's job it was to map out all the lines buried underground definitely just lost their job. Good thing they were just telecommunication wires and not live wires or somebody probably would have died.
I will just squeeze in between these two...
This jerk deserved what they got. Not respecting larger vehicles is a good way to get yourself and others killed. No sympathy here for their bad day. Use better judgment.

At least they got out before it happened.
These people parked their car and got out. Almost instantaneously they were glad they did as a giant chunk of ice crashed down onto the car. Man, talk about crappy luck.
I will just get the ball down real quick.
This person got the ball they were playing with stuck so they decided to try and knock it down with another ball. One thing led to another and before they knew it they had a mess on their hands. Look at the result.
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