People With Very Regrettable Tattoos

Some people should not be allowed to go anywhere near a tattoo parlor. Whether it be people who have terrible tastes in tats or artists who really suck at their job, some people just don't know when they are really bad at something. Enter these people with their horrible tattoos. What were they thinking?

Hold my hand.
If this person had actually looked closely at what they decided to get inked on them they would have realized that this piece looks a lot dirtier than it seems. Yes, it's supposed to be a child holding an adults thumb but it totally looks like something much naughtier.

Spelling is important.
This tattoo was probably supposed to be very bad ass but it turned out being pretty lame. Between the awkward spacing and the misspelled word, this tattoo is instantly regrettable.
Please kill me now.

What did that tiger ever do to deserve this horrible treatment? I have seen bad tattoos before but this one really takes the cake. It goes to a whole new level of bad.

Howling at the moon.
At first, I thought these were some kind of mutant ant-eaters but then I realized that they are supposed to be wolves howling at the moon. At least you tried.

It's not witty, it's just dumb.
I am sure this guy was trying to be witty with his mustache tattoo but he really just ends up looking silly. I guess it's kinda creative but it's still pretty bad to look at.
Much howl, very moon.
Again we have more wolves being mistreated in tattoo form. This one looks like it belongs in an internet meme. You know the one I am talking about.
Is it supposed to be a zombie?

Marilyn Monroe was a transcendent once in a generation beauty. Too bad this person didn't get the memo. We are left with her looking like some kind of zombie queen hybrid.

So many spots...

This chick was supposed to have gotten a stary night tattooed across her chest. Instead, she looks like a bagel. I would ask for a refund if I were her.

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