Plumbers Who Failed So Hard They Should Be Fired

Plumbers are pretty expensive so when you hire one you expect to get quality work. That said, you should avoid hiring any of the plumbers responsible for these terrible failures.

Rubberband man
This is probably the mildest fail you will see in this post. It's not pretty to look at but at least it does work. That's more than can be said for the rest of the fails you are about to see.

Time to improvise.
If you can't afford to install a new toilet then I guess improvising is the next best thing. I don't think this improvision is too sanitary though. Oh well, it works in an emergency.
Something is missing here...

You just got done handling your business. Now it's time to wash your hands. Only there is one huge problem... Where the heck is the sink? How do you install a faucet and just completely forget to install the sink?

Um that's not how it should look.

You can still wash your hands in this sink but you're going to have to place them into this nasty looking thing. I think I will pass.

How stupid do you have to be?

Whoever did this deserves to be fired plain and simple. There is no excuse for something like this being done. It takes an idiot of epic proportions to make this mistake.

That's just disgusting.

This might be the nastiest thing I have ever seen. It's clear that the toilet doesn't work but why the hell would you put a bag over it? And whoever is peeing into it when it's obviously out of order is a huge jerk.

What the heck?

So this bathroom was designed this way. That doesn't make it any less of a fail. Who the hell wants to lug around bottles of pee when it's time to change them out? Certainly not I.

So much for privacy.

Even though there are 4 toilets in this bathroom I doubt more than one is ever used at a time. Nobody wants to handle their business while someone is staring at them.

Well that's a fail.

These urinals are entirely too close to each other. In fact, it's impossible to use both at the same time unless you don't mind standing far back and crossing the streams.

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