Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone

Our life is replete with ordinary moments. When we stumble onto something that is out of the ordinary, we let it slide. People don’t even realise when they’re spiritually connected to another soul.

We meet people in our lives that are complete strangers to us, but without having a single conversation with them, we get the feeling that we have known them all along. We see a mirror image of our self in them.
It feels as if the day we started to crawl, we were already on our way to find them. A spiritual connection is hard to decipher, but some indications point towards its existence. Here are some Signs you are spiritually connected with someone.

A wave of liberation

A feeling of liberation provides peace to you whenever you’re spiritually connected with someone. You forget about your worries and fears and become eloquent in speech and confident in demeanour in their presence. These are signs you are spiritually connected with someone.

Your instincts are spot on!

Your instincts and gut feelings turn out to be true in instances when you are with someone you share a spiritual bond with. That person just feels right in your head, and you can’t explain why and how. You just know that you’re meant to stay with this person for an eternity.

Silence is a masterful seducer

Silence screams the loudest when you’re in a spiritual relationship with someone. If you are fraught with danger, the other person can just feel it in his bones. You don’t have to describe your condition to them.
Moreover, when you’re with them, it’s as if the silence is laden with love and affection. You feel as if it is seducing you. That is why you value their company over anything this superficial world has to offer. They are your utmost priority, and no one can ever replace them.

You feel emotionally and physically safe

They instil a sense of security inside your mind. Even when you’re in grave danger, their presence can calm your nerves, and make you feel safe and sound. Your insecurities, scars and fears turn to dust and ash when their love breaches the darkest and deepest corners of your mind.

You trust them wholeheartedly. They don’t have to attempt grand gestures to win your trust. You entrust your whole life to them at the blink of an eye.
Signs you are spiritually connected with someone should not be ignored because they lead towards a better understanding of your and your partner’s spirituality.
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