Sleigh-ing Xmas: 5 People Who Made It Their Personal Mission To Create The Funniest Holiday Cards

Christmas is a special time of the year that you share with the individuals you love. During this holiday, you wish happiness and joy to the special people in your life for the upcoming year.
However, if you have a lot of loved ones then it’s not practical to go around giving good wishes to each of them face to face. That would take a lot of time and money that you just do not have. So, instead of doing this, you might settle for sending out cards. And if you want to add a personal touch to it, you’ll usually include a picture of you and your family members. If this is the option you choose, you can either go for a traditional picture, or you can try the funny route like these folks. If you’re planning on sending a card this year with those who you call family then you might want to try one of these goofy images.

Who Needs A Real Christmas Tree Anyway
This work family wanted to spread some cheer, so they got together and decided to make a Christmas card that would promote their business. This snapshot not only shows the customers the quality of their photos, but it also lets them know that they will have a fun experience if they come to their shop. They’re not boring photographers that treat you as one of the masses. Instead, they will put serious effort into making your photographs look like a work of art. And you know they’re creative because it takes a fairly resourceful individual to not only come up with an idea like this, but also to find the materials that are needed to make their vision a reality. If I lived in Norway, I’d definitely stop by.
The First Noel Reimagined
In modern history, Christmas has become a commercialized time of the year. It seems like it’s more about presents than it is about the person who the holiday is actually supposed to be about. The whole reason that this day even exists is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This little family hasn’t quite forgotten the reason for this season. Their card may be a spoof of Christ’s birthday, but at least they paid some tribute to the big guy upstairs. This couple looks like they’re completely enthralled by their “new born child.” They’ve definitely given Mary and Joseph a run for their money. And who knows maybe their God has a sense of humor and found this picture just as amusing as some of us do.

Trading Faces
When this picture was taken it looked pretty normal. It was just a mom and a dad sitting down with their two kids in their decorated home. And in order to make it look a little bit more professional the parents dressed up in matching black tops and their offspring wore matching red hoodies. At first glance you might not even notice that something’s not quite right, but then if you really take a close look at it then you’ll realize that something is horribly wrong. Seeing children’s heads on the bodies of adults is definitely a comical sight to see. It’s almost as funny as having adults’ heads on the bodies of kids. This family gets double points for having both in their holiday card.
Matching PJ’s For The Win
It’s always cute when a group of friends gets together to do something like this. Holiday cards are usually sent out with pictures of the people you’re related to, but if your family isn’t around then you may decide to do what these guys did. Their pals are like family to them, so they sent out a picture with the people who they call family. They recreated a time in our life that many of us can remember. Wearing nice warm PJ's and waking up to presents under the tree on Christmas morning is a very fond memory. We would enjoy the company of those around us on that day, and these gentlemen are enjoying being around each other during this special time of year.

Technology Obsession
Technology is truly something special. It’s definitely been able to improve and enrich the world that we live in. However, despite how great it is, there are also those inventions that have us wondering if we really are better off with some of these technological advancements. Phones, tablets, and laptops provide us with a way to stay connect to people around the world, but at the same time they have the ability to keep us isolated from those around us. Sometimes you can walk into a room and see nothing but seas of people looking down at a screen instead of interacting with those around them. This family isn’t immune to this, and they wanted to highlight this fairly common experience on their family’s Christmas card.
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