People become either vegans or vegetarians out of different reasons. While some find their reasons in health, morality or weight reduction, others do it because they want to be "cool".

And the battle between the meat lovers and Vegans has been going on for decades. They have been clashing their differences privately and officially, and both sides have some pretty understandable reasons to stick to their beliefs. However, one argument – the "Cruelty-Free" argument – has lately drawn our attention… Why? Well, because that simple phrase became both: a battleground and a weapon for both sides.

What does this mean?
That phrase "cruelty-free" primarily became vegans' phrase. However, because of the over-generalization and the misuse of the same phrase, the meat-lovers jumped in and started quarreling on EVERY POSSIBLE social network. And this is quite interesting because it proves that there are extremists in every area of interest. That is simply in our nature and this particular quarrel is the living proof! Let me elaborate.
The Beginning
Everything began with one article that was published in the New York Times. It was called, "Good Vegan, Bad Vegan". And the author of this article noticed that vegans found a way to make meat lovers look "too rough". One of those silly arguments is that "eating an egg per day is the same thing as smoking five cigarettes." And that backfired big time…
Meat lovers fought back by noting that there are things like forced labor and the exploitation of workers which are also obvious examples of cruelty – well not against animals, but cruelty non-the-less. And one particular form of cruelty, "child labor" is in 70% of Agriculture.
And the article states that most vegans are simply proud that their food comes from the "cruelty-free environments", even though there is that little thing called social injustice… One of them wrote that Veganism is maybe cruelty-free for animals, but that it is not cruelty-free for other humans.

That is why is practically impossible to talk about vegans as "cruelty-free" solution. And every day there are more articles being written about it.
And one of the Tumbler users, "Rosasdesal" decided to write his own opinion and spell it out for everyone.
And there are even vegans who tried to acknowledge the impossibility of a 100% cruelty-free vegan diet.
And others tried to make it clear that some vegans are simply overreacting and are too extreme with their argumentation. One individual noted that there are some vegans that have been lobbying against the use of honey because they think that honey harvesting is actually cruelty against bees…

And while both sides have good arguments, some of those are just over-exaggerated and they often border with hypocrisy. In the end, everyone should choose their own diet, according to their own needs and standpoints. Which one do you choose and why?

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