Talk About Perfect Timing: 5 Photos Too Funny To Be Ignored

Have you ever come across something that’s made you do a double take? I’m sure you have. For whatever reason, your eyes will land somewhere, but that first look that you take isn’t good enough,
so it causes you to turn your head back to the original source to make sure you were really seeing what you saw. Maybe you come across another person that is so attractive that you need another glance just to confirm that your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you. Or maybe you run into an object that is so hideous, that you just have to check that what you just looked at is really real. And at other times, a thing is so out of place that there’s just no way that you saw what you thought you saw, so in these instances, you look a second time to make sense of it. You’ll definitely get that feeling when looking at the items on this list.

Man-Sized Hand
At first glance, you may miss what’s going on in this picture. It just looks like a dad proudly attending his son’s graduation ceremony. He’s proud that his boy passed the compulsory education that all five year olds must take. He took off of work so that he could make sure to see his little man walk across the stage for learning how to count to five, trace over his name, and sing his ABC’s. And he wanted to commemorate this momentous occasion by taking a photo with his rock star. But then when you take a closer look at this image, you might think that this child should have also gotten an award for the world’s largest left hand. However, you also know that your eyes will play tricks on you from time to time, and that’s when you realize that that huge thing by his side belongs to his father and not to him.
Man Dog
If you’re a fan of fantasy then you know that there are a lot of mythical creatures out there. Some of them are even combined with human parts. The mermaid has the upper half of a human and the bottom half of a fish. A centaur has a man’s body on top and a horse’s legs underneath. Minotaur s have the head of a bull, but the rest of him looks like a guy. And now, you have this creature. Similar to a Minotaur, it has human features from the neck down, but when you gaze upon its face, you’ll see that that part looks like a dog. Of course, it could also just be another one of those photos that you need to have a second look at.

Such Lovely Legs
People work out hard in the gym to get the body of their dreams. If you’re a woman, you may want some long, lean legs. If that’s the case then you just might find yourself in front of the mirror doing squats, lunges, and calf raises. You want to be able to wear short shorts and look like the models you see in magazines, and so you do what you have to do to get what you want. If you’re a man who likes women then one of the features that you like on them may be a lengthy lower half. This gentleman likes them so much that he was willing to trade his for some of his own. Or at least that’s what you might think when you first take a look at this photo.
Feet For Hands
It would actually be pretty convenient if you had feet for hands. If the ones on the lower half of your body ever got tired, all you would have to do is turn it over to the ones on the top half. And if you’re thinking, “What would I use to grab things with,” worry not. How many times have you used your toes to pick up something you were too lazy to get up and reach with your fingers? Pretty often, huh? Well, now you’ll be able to put all of that practice to use. It seems like a win-win to me. Too bad, this will have to remain a fantasy for now. It may seem like this lady hit the jackpot when you look at this picture, but unfortunately it’s just our eyes playing tricks on us again.

Long Arm
Having an arm as long as it appears that this little boy has in this photo would be pretty handy. I might actually prefer having this to having hands for feet. I mean think about it. You would never have to stand on your toes again to reach something on the top shelf, you could paint your ceiling without using a ladder, and you could close the door to your room after your mom comes inside and forgets to close it when she leaves. The possibilities are endless! If this child’s limb was actually this length he would have definitely been teased for it, but after he realized all that he could do with it, he would be the one laughing at everyone else with their normal sized appendages.
Ride ‘Em Cowboy
One of the best types of memories I have as a child was getting to ride on the backs of other people. I loved being able to see the world from that vantage point. Unfortunately, one day I got too big to do it. It was no longer feasible for me to climb on the shoulders of another person just so that I could be a little bit taller. If I asked someone to let me do this now, they would probably laugh in my face. This picture brings you back to a simpler time. One when you were carefree and young enough to actually do something like this. Now, the only chance you’ll have to recreate this memory is by creating an illusion where you sit far enough away from another person that it appears that you’re tiny enough to get on their backside.
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