The Cast Of EuroTrip: What They Look Like From The Movie And Now

In 2004, this American teen comedy won Nickelodeon Teen Choice award for Choice Movie Your Parents Didn’t Want You To See! This early millennial movie was a mixture of teenage heartbreak, adventure, and winning at love while trying to come of age in America while going to any lengths to succeed.

The film revolves around Hudson Ohio’s Scotty Thomas whose antics are touching, wild, funny, and sometimes insane. When he finds out his high school girlfriend was stepping out on him, he dumps her right after graduation He and his group of friends venture on their EuroTrip in search of his German pen pal, Mieke, who he at first thought was a male. He realizes he has feelings for this mysterious German teen as they get to know each other.

This $20 billion plus box office grossing hit movie has taken a motley trip of its own over the years as its stars, both American and International, have truly undergone a change in looks, personality, and life. That is what happens when we grow up! Here is what these—sometimes famous, sometimes starting off as unknown—stars look like now and how time has changed them from the once younger and more free-spirited.
The Years Have Been Kind To Matt Damon
Boston native Matt Damon was in his 30’s when he agreed, just because he was in Prague filming for another set, to play Donny in EuroTrip. Damon shaved his head and played a punk rock sort complete with tattoos and piercings and a signature wild look. He was the bandmate with whom Scotty’s girlfriend was cheating on him with.
When we look at Matt Damon back then in 2004, he already had a few hits under his belt. He also still looked relatively young, especially with the shaved head, punk rocker look going on. He has transformed this look to accommodate different parts and jobs that he has worked over the years. Today, this Beantown boy is sporting a few wrinkles under his boy next door furrowed brow.
Scott Mechlowicz Retained His Boyish Good Looks
Scott David Mechlowicz, born in the Big Apple, is the star of EuroTrip playing Scott “Scotty” Thomas who just graduated high school. Mechlowicz, who is now in his late 30’s, has darker features in 2018. His brown hair and eyebrows have darkened quite a bit and he has more of a distinctive look about him.
Back in 2004, even though in his 20’s, he still sported the look of a baby-faced, fresh out of high school kid just looking to find himself and mend his broken heart.
Today he still has his signature bushy eyebrows and handsome look, not so baby-faced anymore! He is still best known for his lead in this film, although Mechlowicz still went on to work his charm in several other roles throughout the next several years.

Jacob Pitts Hasn't Changed A Bit
Jacob Pitts played shaggy-haired Cooper Harris in EuroTrip in 2004. In his late 30’s now, Pitts played, in his early 20’s, the girl-crazy, goofy best friend of Scotty Thomas. Going along with his true bestie, he is all in for a trip to Europe and all of the shenanigans that surely evolve around it.
We still see the goofiness in Pitts’ smile which appears to be the same smirk from 2004 when we see photos but considering his age he’s still doing lots of acting including some work with FX. Jacob Pitts, the Connecticut-born actor, sports a more dramatic and slightly more conservative look today as he continues working in Hollywood and can be seen in a starring role in the American crime drama Justified. We definitely would not have given a gun to Cooper in 2004!
Michelle Trachtenberg Has Truly Come Into Her Own
Michelle Trachtenberg was not even 20 when she starred in the 2004 EuroTrip movie as wild teenager Jenny, one of a set of fraternal twins and classmates of Scotty Thomas. This New York-born actress began her film career in 1996 in Harriet The Spy although boasts a handful of previous commercial appearances as a child.
This strawberry blonde back in 2004 beauty really shined through in her role as Jenny and she just kept going from 2004 on. Today, nearly 15 years later, she looks amazing and is even on Reddit's hottest celeb list! She had many roles since EuroTrip including Gossip Girl, Weeds and 17 Again. She definitely has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and uses it to her advantage!
Travis Wester—Kinda Steamy
In his mid-30’s, Travis Wester had already been acting for a bit making his way to Hollywood stardom by playing the role of Austin Sanders in Beverly Hills, 90210. Although in his 30’s, this baby-faced actor was able to play Michelle Trachtenberg’s (who played the character of Jenny) teenaged fraternal twin, Jamie.
Looking young and pasty white during his European expeditions—first with his sister and then with his friends—Wester clutches a camera and looks the tourist part. Today he is still successfully acting and has wrapped his resume around a quite a few television and movie appearances, including Justified and Six Feet Under to name a few. He is aging nicely and although a bit scruffier in the face and with darker hair, Travis looks like he’s still in his 30’s!

Jessica Boehrs Is Still Melting Hearts
At the age of only 24, German singer and actress, Jessica Boehrs melted hearts playing, Mieke, the pen pal and love affection of Scotty Thomas in 2004’s EuroTrip. This blue-eyed, light blond beauty not only has an amazing voice but has aged well, too. Her right white smile still exists today even in her late 30’s and after many years of hard work behind the lens and in front of the microphone.
Boehrs still lives in Germany and has since married. She still sings and acts as she should with her youthful glow and talent. Although EuroTrip was her primary American film, she has played in many German roles since. She is looking great for her age and still maintains her long light blonde hair wooing audiences with those piercing blue eyes.
Kristin Kreuk—Toned Down
Canadian born and bred, actress Kristin Laura Kreuk, played the mean girl and cheating Fiona and ex-girlfriend of heartbroken Scotty Thomas. This beauty of an actress is half Chinese and half Canadian and her exotic look has captured audiences all over the world. She is another one who has only gotten more beautiful and elegant with age. When she starred in EuroTrip she was only in her early 20’s. Now at the sparkling age of 35, she recently finished up some quality work with the WB network starring as Catherine Chandler in the television series Beauty and the Beast. Her distinctive, dark and mysterious features and giant smile make her look amazing even in 2018. She hasn't been doing much in Hollywood, but she's still making waves on a TV series 'Burden Of Truth'.
Vinnie Jones—Still Stern
A little less than 10 years ago, this EuroTrip actor starred in Big Brother 7 as one of the housemates. Vinnie Jones played Mad Maynard, testosterone-laden football leader of a Manchester United team. In real life, he also has played football in England for many years but has since retired. He was well-known for his aggressive style of play which demonstrates similarity to his personality in EuroTrip.
Even though nearly 15 years have passed, Jones still maintains a trademark shaved head and a look that begs you to defy him. He and his wife have both recently been in treatment for skin cancer and malignant cancer removal, but considering, both are doing well. Jones still resides in England but has starred a variety of English and American film and television roles.

Joanna Lumley—Irons In The Fire
Joanna Lumley plays a hostel worker and clerk in Europe in 2004 hit EuroTrip. Back then, while she was already in her 50’s, she was super sophisticated sporting her puffy blond locks that appeared to be dyed from original gray, but far from tacky. Do we blame this epic English Actress?
She has been modeling and acting (as well as writing!) since 1957 and has gone through two divorces. Of course, she has some gray hairs she’s hiding. Despite all of that and some crow’s feet, she is still smiling and glowing and acting, oh and hosting. She most recently hosted the 71st British Academy Film Awards looking fabulous and flashing a huge smile of gratitude.
Fred Armisen Is A Whole New Man
This United States born actor and comedian is most famous for his work on Saturday Night Live. In 2004, he played the part of a creepy Italian guy in EuroTrip. He is seen today with his dark-rimmed glasses and looking mysterious. Back in 2004, this comedian and writer was larger in the waistline in a light salmon-colored suit and tie and creepy has all heck with his small black squiggly 'stache.
Today, at the age of 51, he is tall, dark and handsome—and not creepy at all! This talented guy has played dozens of roles in television and film and his most recent appearance being as the voice of KVN in Final Space, an animated adult science fiction show on TBS. Although he suffers from a slightly receding hairline, he still is lucky enough to have a full head of dark hair!
J.P. Manoux—Down To Earth
Miming is clearly a part of this American actor and comedian’s bag of tricks. Jean-Paul Manoux has played a mime before in television once on the drama series ER and also in the 2004 film, EuroTrip where he played the spacy, silver robotic mime from Louvre. Sans the seriously metallic miming getup in EuroTrip, Manoux looks stunningly great and somewhat the same at the age of 48 as he did miming in EuroTrip in 2004.
Most of his appearances are without hair and he can be seen flashing a very serious smile complete with wide opened eyes. He looks well-groomed, handsome, and not as silver today, but still is active in Hollywood as he has been since 1994.
Patrick Malahide—A Pillar Of Proper British Etiquette
Patrick Malahide has been acting and working long hours to enhance his practice for almost 45 years since 1975. This British born and based actor played Arthur Frommer in EuroTrip in 2004. Arthur Frommer is a writer and the founder of Frommer’s Travel guides and books.
Although Malahide has been partially bald for a while—even while making a guest appearance as Frommer in EuroTrip—he still has aged a bit since his bowtie-wearing days. This has not stopped him, however, as he’s still acting and scooping up parts.
Always looking as if his brows are slightly furrowed, this British actor has been looking serious in England and the United States playing parts on a multitude of British and American shows.

Lucy Lawless—Timeless Beauty
This 49-year-old New Zealand born comic and actress certainly knows how to go big or go home! From Xena: Warrior Princess where she became a lesbian icon for five full years and even longer with diehard fans, this brunette at the time went on to play Madame Vandersexxx. In this role, she was dark blonde wearing a “pleathery” material red dress with black “pleather” thigh highs and long black matching gloves to boot.
Looking fit and on point, Lawless commanded this smaller role just as much as she did in her Warrior Princess days. Although slightly older here, she certainly has not lost any mystery or beauty. Lawless ironically looks a bit like Melissa Etheridge in some of her more recent photos. She is still beautiful as she climbs close to half a century old.
Funny Man, Diedrich Bader
Diedrich Bader can definitely boast quite the acting resume. The American born and raised actor has starred in many favorites including Office Space, Napoleon Dynamite, Bones, and The Beverly Hillbillies to name a few. Bader went from curly mullet-sporting, stache wearing to preppy school-boy looking in his wide range of roles.
Today he looks much different from the role he played in EuroTrip as the mugger. He is clean cut, well-shaven and still working hard currently voicing over as the voice of Batman in Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Bader’s piercing eyes and cute smile still shine through even though this 51-year-old has aged slowly throughout his career. He still has a full head of hair even if slightly receding along his dark hairline.
Jeffrey Tambor Is Killin' It
Jeff Tambor, in his late 50’s at the time did a wonderful job playing Scott Thomas’ father in EuroTrip in 2004. Back in 2004, just as today, Jeff Tambor sports a large, genuine flashy smile! Maybe it’s the signature smile, but he certainly looks just as happy in photographs today as he did back then. Although now in his 70’s, he looks great even with his grays poking through in the parts of his hair that he still has on his head. Even back in 2004, he had a little partial balding with patches of darker hair. His glasses only serve to make him look slightly more distinguished. He has performed in many hits such as Arrested Development and continues to work as an actor, comedian, and voice artist.
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