The Celebs Who Never Let Their Diseases Come On Their Way!

We all have the long list of our favorite celebrities. We all worship them as we worship God. Though we know that this much adoration is not good. And also they are same as like us. They also laugh, cry, feel pain, and get sick, and use the toilet like we all do.
There are many actors, singers, and other celebrities in our favorite list those who suffered from diseases. But we even don’t know about most of them, as most of them have tried to keep their diseases as secret. As they came to know about their diseases, they didn’t let it go. Though they fought for it.
There is the list of nine celebrities those who suffered and fought against their diseases. They didn’t let it go. They become the inspiration for the others in the world.
1. “Sharon Stone”

The actress, Sharon Stone suffered a ruptured aneurysm because she had a stroke in 2001. There was cerebral bleeding because of this which lasted for nine days. It puts the long-term bad effects on her. She felt inability in reading and weak. She is strong enough and she managed to overcome her problems with it. It all took less than five years to overcome. And she starred in the movies after this. She became the support for the others and she really helped others those were ill. She received the Nobel Peace Summit award in 2013 for this great contribution to charity by helping others.
2. “Ben Stiller”

Ben Stiller was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. The doctors removed his prostate by surgery and after surgery, he is free from it. Till now he has supported 25 organizations which also includes the Cancer Research Institute and the Cancer Patient Support Foundation.
3. “Michael J. Fox”

In 1991, the man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He didn’t let it go in his way. He continued his acting career and also received many awards. The curation of Parkinson’s disease became the main aim of his life. Because of this, he starting funding $450 million for the research of this.
4. “Julia Roberts”

Julia Roberts was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura’ disease. It is the disease which affects the ability of human body to stop the bleeding. She is also blind with one eye. Besides all, she also suffers from other mild sicknesses. She never let these come on her way and now she is a famous celeb, a good mother, and Brand Ambassador.
5. “Daniel Radcliffe”

Daniel Radcliffe was diagnosed with dyspraxia. It is the disease which puts its bad effect on the brain of the human body. It is basically a disorder. It causes the difficulty in the activities in the brain like which are required for the coordination and the movement. He didn’t let this come on his way. He continued his career. He is the biggest example for others in the world those are also suffering from the same disorder.
6. “Angelina Jolie”

Angelina Jolie stands as the biggest example for the people who are suffering from genetic cancer. Her mother was died because of cancer. So she undergoes with the preventive and precautionary measures from cancer. The doctors removed cancer from her body by the surgical treatment. A few years back, her reports were appeared to be positive against cancer. After her surgery, her actions increased the awareness for the preventive and the precautionary measures against gentic cancer according to the study conducted in Austria.
7. “Lady Gaga”

Lady Gaga was also suffered from the disease named lupus. Because of she knew the difficulties to be suffering from lupus in her life she made regular donations and funds to the organizations of lupus. She also provides the support to the others who suffer from the same disease.
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