These 12 Pictures Will Make You Think Coincidence Doesn’t Exist

Coincidence is just a relative concept. Coincidence lies in the eye of the person watching it. Some pictures are timed so perfectly that you just cannot accept the fact that they are mere coincidences.
These pictures are so perfect that you are amazed by the way everything in them is so perfectly aligned. 
Here are 12 Pictures that cannot be just a regular coincidence.
1. This is definitely not a coincidence. To be really precise, everything around you is the world wide web. Considering that, this is a legit picture. 

2. The devil definitely needs to chill a bit. He probably needs to have an ice-cream and calm himself down.

3. No wonder he wants to go towards Margie Simpson who is standing outside his window.

4. An engaged couple was looking through one of their photo albums as they wanted to put a slideshow of pictures of them growing up at their wedding. The young lady pulled out a picture from the album and set it aside to be put in the slide show. It was a picture of herself at Disney world. When her fiancee looked at it, she was completely stunned. In the background, there was a picture of his father, pushing him in a black stroller. Not only did they discover that they were at the same place at the exact same time, but they were clicked at the exact same moment. The pic was discovered years later.

5. The car just crushed it because is provoked the driver to do so.

6. Taylor Swift resorted to the highway to promote her new video. Well, this is indeed an interesting way of promoting self.
7. This actually holds to the universal fact of two mistakes making a right.

8. He finally found his long gone brother who got separated from him and his family at the time of his birth. It feels extremely good to know that he grew up to become a model.

9. When you find your soul mate.

10. “I am sorry, I forgot to tell you that I went to a secret photo shoot. Sorry, I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

11. When you are not the “one”.

12. For that moment, just the one moment, everything was absolutely perfect.

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