These Adorable Beware Of Dog Signs Show You Have Nothing To Fear

Everyone who sees a Beware of Dog sign posted on a fence begins to immediately take caution while approaching the home. How many times have you cautiously approached a home like this to only be greeted by some little fluffball that would not even be able to hurt a fly? These pictures prove that you do not have to beware of all dogs

Are you shaking in your boots? This little guy is absolutely terrifying. The only thing he is going to attack is some ankles, so as long as you have on your long socks and boots, you have nothing to fear.
Rub my belly
The only thing you have to worry about with this dog is having enough energy to give him all the belly rubs that he desires. You better not stop either or you might get licked to death.
You could rob these folks blind, and this little guy would not even move. He is too busy basking in the sun to give any other care in the world.

That sure is one funny looking dog. However, he might be even more vicious than any other dog you might come across. So, beware for sure.
If ever there was a dog that does not have a vicious bone in its body, it is the golden retriever. All they want to do is get loved on and play all day long.
Deadly Duo
These two balls of fluff will have you shaking in your boots if you come near their yard. You better watch your ankles because you might lose them messing with these two.
Sleeping Beauty
This pitty baby is in a blissful slumber. You definitely do not have anything to worry about. Even if he wakes up, he will likely just kiss and jump all over you trying to get you to play with him.

Beware of Moose?
This must have been taken in Canada. Where else would you find a moose in someone's backyard? We wonder if they trained it to bark at strangers who approach.
You already know what is going to happen if you get within an inch or two of that gate. You are going to get smothered in doggy kisses. He has his tongue out and ready for you.
Too cute
Are they even serious with this sign? This dog is way too adorable to have to worry about. I mean, c'mon, he is even smiling in this picture. How can anyone be afraid of that face?
These Adorable Beware Of Dog Signs Show You Have Nothing To Fear These Adorable Beware Of Dog Signs Show You Have Nothing To Fear Reviewed by 1 on April 27, 2018 Rating: 5
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