This Chinese Farmer Takes Care of His Paralyzed Wife For 56 Years

They say true love is hard to find and those who have true love are the luckiest. In today’s time where our lives are so much engrossed in thinking about ourselves, true love is almost an illusion. And with the increasing number of divorce, we have forgotten what true love really is. Day in-day out couples gets in and out of relations as if they don’t hold any meaning.
It is during these times that some impeccable examples of true love from places that we can’t even imagine comes to motivate us.
Today we are talking about, 84-year-old Chinese farmer Du Yuanfa, from Sun Village, Shandong Province, China. Du Yuanfa married Zhou Yu’ai in 1959 and are together ever since. While this might seem like a normal happily married couple just like our grandparents, the real story is yet to be told.
Zhou is paralyzed since the age of 20, 5 months into their marriage. Du was working in a coal mine in the adjacent city when he received a letter from his family telling him about his wife’s illness. He instantly took a long leave from work to be on her side and realized Zhou was not able to get out of her bed, nor could she hold anything with her hands.
Du took her to hospitals and doctors, where they did a number of tests on Zhou. Unfortunately, no doctor could ascertain the reason behind her illness. They also told the couple that Zhou cannot conceive.

The family members suggested Du to remarry and leave Zhou to start a new life, but the humble man chose otherwise. “Don’t worry. I will care for you forever,” he said to his wife and stuck with her.
Du left his job in the coal mine and started working as a farmer to be closer to his wife and take care of her. He has dedicated his whole life to her. Du feeds Zhou, scrubs her body daily and takes her to doctor on a regular basis.
Even the mountains could not deter this man, where he goes to find medicinal herbs and plants to give to her wife. On a sunny day during winters, Du makes sure his wife feels the warmth of the sun and takes her out in the open. In 57 years of taking care of his wife, Du has been careful that their home is clean and free from any type of odor.

Watching Du meticulously taking care of his paralyzed wife has moved the hearts of his village folks. They always try to help the elderly couple and give them medicines and grocery items.
The tale of the loving husband has even reached the local government who has helped him from time to time.
Du’s unconditional love for his wife and the level of dedication is surely a benchmark for each one of us.
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