Top 10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Fish

10. Tigerfish
So named because of their ferocity when caught, they have dagger-like teeth that poke out of their mouth even when it’s closed. Species living in the Indo-Pacific have sharp spines on their gill covers and can wound when not handled carefully.

9. Piranha
Carnivorous and razor-toothed, this species of fish live in the rivers and lakes of South America. Although they have a bad reputation due to exaggerations in pop culture, only some such as the lobetoothed piranha and San Francisco piranha are dangerous to humans.

8. Puffer
While they make look cute inflating themselves when disturbed, they are poisonous. Puffers carry a highly toxic substance called tetraodontoxin which is stored in their internal organs. Despite this, they are still consumed as food – particularly in Japan – and have to be cleaned carefully and prepared by a trained chef.
7. Red Lionfish
They may be attractive to look at but the very thing that makes them beautiful is what makes them dangerous. Red lionfish spread their fins when disturbed and when still not left alone, proceed to attack with their dorsal spines. Although the puncture wounds inflicted are painful, they are not always fatal.
6. Candiru
This fish only grows to about an inch in size but can be deadly. It feeds on blood and is usually found in the gill cavities of other fishes. It may attack humans and is known to get in the urethra of bathers as well as swimming animals. Once inside, the candiru erects its spines and may cause inflammation, hemorrhage or worse, death.

5. Great White Shark
Mostly known as a dangerous creature through pop culture, surprisingly little is known of its behavior. Then again, there are confirmed reports of attacks on swimmers despite being unprovoked and often times, the attacks are fatal. Great whites rarely return for a second bite but even a single large bite is enough to cause serious tissue and organ damage that may result in death.
4. Moray Eel
Found in the shallow water amongst reef and rocks, moray eels have strong, sharp teeth that allow them to seize and hold their prey. When disturbed, they can inflict serious harm on humans.
3. Stonefish
Their ability to blend with their surroundings – making them difficult to see – is what makes them dangerous. When stepped on, they inject venom through their spines and the victim experiences intense pain, and may even be fatal.

2. Atlantic Manta
Living mostly in warm waters, some species bear stinging spines on their tails. They are powerful creatures but don’t pose a large threat to humans – except when disturbed.
1. Electric Eel
This specie produces a powerful electric shock capable of stunning. Although shocks rarely cause death in humans, multiple shocks have caused respiratory or heart failure.
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