Woman Told By Doctors She Has "Menopause," And Had To "Beg" Them To Examine Her Further

It's easy to give in to what your doctor tells you. Don't they spend a decade in medical school? They're supposed to know all about the human anatomy and the illnesses that can affect it like the palm of their hand.
It's not that most doctors are uneducated, but that they're in a rush to see the next patient.
In my experience, doctors tend to chalk up your sickness to being a small virus in your system, anxiety, or stress. I don't think I've ever left a doctor's office with a different diagnosis, but luckily for me things have never been too serious - but for some people it has.
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For example, a 42-year-old man was misdiagnosed with anxiety and high blood pressure after complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath.
The doctor told him to come back for a check-up in the morning, since they were busy at that time, but unfortunately he passed away only a few hours after he left the hospital.
These medical experts were unable to identify that the man was suffering from a dangerous blood clot that was traveling in his blood stream!
Being misdiagnosed is my greatest fear,  and hearing these stories just makes me more nervous. That being said, it's our job to know how to identify things going wrong in our bodies just in case our doctors fail to diagnose us correctly.
For Karen Yardley, diagnosing herself wasn't something she was prepared to do, but she had no choice...

Karen complained to several different doctors of migraines, insomnia, fatigue, and mood swings, and the only answer she got was that she was going through "that time of life" - menopause.
This agonizing pain went on for two years! She ended up being prescribed anti-depressants to help her cope with her "menopausal symptoms."
“I was coming up to 50 and just took doctors at their word when they said I was going through the menopause," she recalled, according to the Daily Mirror. "But my symptoms got worse and worse. It felt like no one was listening to me - I felt unheard and lonely.”
“The kids were really worried about me but I was doing my best to keep it from them. But by then I couldn’t see properly and had flashes in front of my eyes, so couldn’t pick them up from school in the car anymore. I couldn’t see well enough to do my crosswords puzzles," she said. "I had jumpy legs and couldn’t walk properly as my legs felt so heavy. I also had cluster headaches and a constant terrible pain in my neck."
“Deep down, I knew there must be something seriously wrong with me – surely this couldn’t all be due to the menopause," she continued.
Karen couldn't handle it anymore, she was feeling "desperate" so much that she had to beg her doctors to investigate a little further.
"I’m begging you," she told her doctor, while on her hands and knees. "You have to do something. I think I’m dying."

Finally, she was referred for an MRI scan by a neurologist, where they discovered a gold ball-sized brain tumor by her right optic nerve.
Daily Mirror
Although the tumor was removed, Karen was traumatized by the whole ordeal, which may have not been so bad if the tumor was caught two years ago, when she first started complaining.
“I was relieved it wasn’t cancerous, but devastated late diagnosis and surgery had caused so much damage,” Karen said. “Doctors said my tumor may have been growing for years.”
The procedure resulted in having to remove a large portion of her skull and inserting a metal plate in her head, resulting in 20 staples. She also said she feels weak in her legs.
Now Karen is sharing her story to raise awareness about brain tumor symptoms and to encourage women to trust their gut when they know something is wrong.
"We’ve got to shout – we’ve got to be taken seriously. Now I wish I’d said; 'I’m not a hypochondriac, I’m not a moaner and these symptoms are not being caused by the menopause.' Early diagnosis is crucial to save lives and reduce disabilities.”

Share Karen's story to help her raise awareness!

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